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The Predator Falls Short At The Box-Office In Its Opening Weekend

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/the-predator-falls-short-at-the-box-office-in-its-opening-weekend-lf-by-the-numbers This past weekend saw the wide release of Shane Black's The Predator and Paul Feig's A Simple Favor. The Predator came in at No. 1 this past weekend, and while that may sound good,

The Nun Scares Up Franchise-Best Opening In Spite Of Negative Reception

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/the-nun-scares-up-franchise-best-opening-in-spite-of-negative-reception This past weekend saw the release of The Nun and Peppermint in a wide release. Many film trackers out there were expecting The Nun to scare up some real business at the box-office, but

The Nun Tracking For Best Opening In The Conjuring Franchise

Crazy Rich Asians may have reigned supreme at the box-office for three solid weekends in a row, but its reign is coming to an end. This coming weekend see the release of The Nun, the

The Nun Teaser Trailer: The Darkest Chapter Of The Conjuring Universe

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzD9zGcUNrw&feature=youtu.be James Wan and co. really are hitting it out of the park with these horror films. The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be dominating in terms of shared universe superhero films, and that's exactly what

Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Trailer We Have Our First Official Poster & Image From The Nun

Ahead of the release of tomorrow's trailer hitting the web, the first official poster and official image for Director Corin Hardy's The Nun. This film is a spin-off from the 2016 horror film The Conjuring