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Director Everardo Gout On Powerful Latin Leads In The Forever Purge [Exclusive Interview]

This weekend Universal Pictures finally wraps up James DeMonaco’s Purge series with The Forever Purge. This is the fifth film in the franchise that first rang the alarm for the purge back in 2013 in

The Purge Siren Accidentally Used For Coronavirus Curfew

Has the Purge finally made its way into the real world? Luckily, no. Imagine this. You’re out on a walk, trying to cleanse your mind from the doldrums of staying inside all day. You’re a

Fifth Purge Movie Gets July 2020 Release Date, Will It Be The Last?

In true Harry Potter fashion, the Purge storyline will eventually end. This past year, the franchise took a chronological turn with the release of The First Purge, which showed off just how this terrible tradition

Will The Next Purge Film Be The Last? Here’s What The Creator Said

I have a real love-hate relationship with the Purge franchise. It's such a fantastic concept, and while a couple of the movies have done okay with it, it's never really lived up to its full

The First Purge Teaser Trailer Keeps America Great

 Not long after the first poster reveal for The First Purge, Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for the upcoming thriller. Sadly, this isn't your standard trailer that has footage from the film,

The Purge Prequel Film’s Poster Takes Stab At Donald Trump

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures have just released the brand-new poster for the latest entry in the Purge film franchise, The First Purge. For this first piece of marketing, they take a very clear stab at

The Purge 4 Will Be A Prequel Set On Staten Island During The First Experimental Purge

While fans may argue the actual quality of the Purge series, there’s no doubting that it’s one killer premise. Set in an America where, one night a year, all crime — including rape and murder