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Thor: Love And Thunder Adds Russell Crowe To The Cast

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently in production, yet the cast keeps growing. The news comes from Deadline, following  star Chris Hemsworth, director Taika Waititi, and Jeff Goldblum being spotted in Russell Crowe's private box

Christian Bale’s Potential MCU Role Confirmed To Be Intergalactic Villain

While he starred as the titular character is what many consider to be DC's best big-screen effort in 2008's The Dark Knight, actor Christian Bale is likely on his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Taika Waititi To Direct Thor 4, Akira Put On Hold

Get “Immigrant Song” crankin’, folks, because Taika Waititi is coming back for seconds over at in the MCU. Waititi made a splash back in 2017 with the action-packed, galaxy-hopping film Thor: Ragnarok, which help inject