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Tron 3 Moving Ahead With Jared Leto Titled Tron: Ares

This comes as a bit of a surprise to me given this is hardly a tentpole franchise, but we have a Tron 3 moving ahead with Jared Leto titled Tron: Ares. That's the news from

Tron Sequel Takes Crucial Next Step Forward, Nabs Lion Director

It sounds like the oft-discussed Tron sequel could be moving forward very soon over at Disney. Not too long ago, there were rumblings of a film centered around actor Jared Leto. Now, this morning, Deadline

TRON Legacy Producer Says He’ll Always Be Interested In Doing Another Film

Back around 2010, Disney opted to go all-in on the TRON property. In addition to dumping obscene amounts of money into the long-awaited sequel TRON Legacy, they also put in a good amount of resources

Tron: Legacy Director Joseph Kosinski Gives An Update On Tron 3

Back in 2010, Tron: Legacy was supposed to kick off a series of new Tron films, likely a trilogy, but the film just didn't deliver the box office numbers to warrant a sequel. Prior to