– by Kyle Malone

There’s no doubting the worldwide success of Aquaman. As of this writing it has brought in $325.2 million domestically and $784.2 million in foreign markets for a total of just over $1.1 billion. This makes it the biggest grossing DC film of all time, and would seem like a guarantee that a sequel would get a green light real quick. However that would make sense, and this is Warner Bros. we’re talking about. So that means we’ll be getting a SPINOFF!!!

THR is reporting that WB, with their finger directly on the pulse of the fandom, is moving forward with a movie based on the Trench, the vicious sea creatures Arthur Curry faces in his first movie. The studio has tapped Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to write a script that will have a horror take to it. Aquaman director James Wan, who has experience in the horror genre, will produce along with Peter Safran.

These creatures are not exactly old timey villains of the sea dwelling hero. They came around in 2011 during the New 52 era of the comics. They are said to be inhabitants of Atlantis that were cut off when the fabled city sank and wound up in the Marianas Trench where they adapted to their new home.

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I know some of you may be asking, “but what about an actual sequel to a billion dollar movie” and I have no answer for you at this time. The source article makes it seem that James Wan and, Aquman himself, Jason Momoa are taking a breather from the main story. However I would point out that the announcement for a Wonder Woman came the same year as release at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, and that this pause in information maybe due to the recent announcement that WB and DC will be focusing on stand alone movies and not universe building. Maybe they need time to get a clear idea of their slate. I mean, there’s 12 movies with Harley Quinn coming up, and that takes a lot of focus and time.

What are your thoughts on a movie based on these sea monsters? What do you think about it having a horror edge to it? Le us know in the comments below!


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