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Batman is Warner Bros. and DC’s security blanket. Despite the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman and despite the fans desire to see films that are supposedly in the works (for years) like Green Lantern Corps or The Flash we keep going back to The Bat. Recently Ben Affleck, who played Batman in BvS and Justice League, hung up the cape and expressed his excitement to see Matt Reeves’ vision in 2021.

Of course now that Affleck is out we get to wonder who will be the next caped crusader. That brings us to an interesting Instagram post from Bosslogic:

I know right?!? Never in a million years would I think Sparkles, sorry, Robert Pattinson could be Bruce Wayne. Now, Bosslogic does not give a source and there have been no other signs that this is true, but it’s always fun to play the What If game.

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So what if this is something that WB is considering? The actor is 32 years old, although he could probably be made to pass for mid-twenties, and that means he can be the younger Bruce many believe the studio is looking for. What about acting chops? He’s most known for the brooding vampire he portrayed in the Twilight movies and for a small but important role in Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire. Neither of those really spark faith in his ability to be Batman, but he did a movie called Good Time in 2017 which garnered him some positive buzz. In that film he plays a character trying to get his brother out of jail who winds up traversing the seedy underworld of New York City while becoming increasingly violent himself. I have not seen the film, but that sounds like he can tap into something more than teenage angst.

Like I said this is just a rumor and a fun image from people that like to do fun images. I would have to see some of his other movies to give you a solid opinion on whether or not I think he can pull this role off, but based on this image I’d say he can easily look the part.

What do you think about this rumor? Do you think he looks the part? Let us know in the comments below!


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