– by Seth McDonald

Josh Gad caused a stir among comic book fans earlier this month when he tweeted out a picture of the famous Batman villain, The Penguin. This led to wide speculation by fans that Gad had possibly been cast in the role.

Gad was asked about the tweets at last week’s MTV Movie and TV Awards Show. The actor played coy when questioned about the tweets saying:

“Just having some fun. Just having some fun. That’s it. Really, I promise. The internet goes wild, and I’m just having some fun. Just putting some things out there.”

When asked whether or not he’d actually be open to playing the role, he said:

“I would absolutely be open to playing Penguin in a Batman movie.


It’s just…we’ll see. It’s just we’ll see. Just putting it out in the ether.”

What Gad is (probably) doing is a little bit of self-promotion, he is testing the water, seeing how fans would react to the idea of him playing character. Obviously Gad wants to play Penguin and this is also sort of an indirect way to make the studio and producers aware. Taking a page out of Tyrese Gibson’s playbook, who has been petitioning to play the Green Lantern, John Stewart, for some time now, Gad is more or less saying, “Hey, if you’re going to bring back The Penguin, give me a shot at it.”

With Manganiello’s Deathstroke no longer set in stone (what with the change in director), the sky’s the limit. Though is seems like an odd pairing, perhaps Gad could be cast as an additional villain and have a sort on introductory role that would set him up to play the next film’s main bad guy. Gad, unlike the version of the character played by Robin Lord Taylor on FOX’s Gotham, has the look of the traditional Penguin from the comic books, and most likely has the chops to do justice to a big screen version of the umbrella wielding crime boss.

Gad is most well known for playing the snowman Olaf in Disney’s Frozen.  He was most recently a part of another Disney production, playing LeFou in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, and has a role in the upcoming remake of Murder on the Orient Express.

With production not set to start until 2018, The Batman has already had some major issues including a complete rewrite and a delay in production. Taking this into account, it wouldn’t shock anyone to see a complete shift in the film’s direction. So maybe Gad should hold out hope a little while longer.

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