The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 6 Review – Amazing-Epic- SPOILERIFIC

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Well here is my The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 review and what a ride this has been so far, especially the last two weeks. Given the title above, and kinda like last week, there really is no way to review this episode without SPOILERS. Therefore if you already watch Boba Fett every week, then just go watch it first before reading this, you’ll probably like it. I loved it, but once again, like last week, this felt more like an episode of The Mandalorian.

Warning SPOILERS For The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 below!

The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 6 Review - Amazing-Epic- SPOILERIFIC

If you are still with me, you either stayed up late, or got up early to watch it depending on where you live. Like last week the main reason I have to spoiler tag this episode is because once again this feels more like Mando S3E2, and not Boba Fett 6. Yet, once again, this didn’t really matter to me, because we just got one of the best pieces of Star Wars we’ve seen in years, and I mean proper years, like a lot.

Episode 6 is a direct follow on from Episode 5 in terms of the story of Din Djarin. However whilst things may begin with a bit of Din Dajrin and a bit of Cobb Vanth, the focus quickly moves to another Mandalorian mainstay, Grogu. Of course the last time we left Grogu he was with Luke Skywalker, so yeah Luke shows up here, big time. This is a much bigger role than Luke had in Mandalorian and frankly the CGI was so damn good it was actually tricky to spot the difference most of the time. I mean your mind knows, so you see things you wouldn’t normally. However this was the next step of that de-ageing tech and it rocks.

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The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 6 Review - Amazing-Epic- SPOILERIFIC

The other big surprise was Ahsoka. Actually Ahsoka was the only character I hadn’t heard already either from our own sources or others we know and have covered here. I was genuinely surprised by Ahsoka’s appearance but man was it great. To actually see Luke and Ahsoka interact, with Grogu in tow. Some of the lines were magnificently written. I loved how one line from Ahsoka “You’re just like your Father” told us so much. Clearly Luke has filled Ahsoka in on on the events of the fall of the Sith and Anakin’s redemption and return to the Light Side. However if the CGI had been like it was in Mando S2, this might not have worked. It did work and it was amazing.

So many questions now, will we see Luke and Ahsoka’s initial meeting in the Ahsoka show? What will Grogu choose….. actually, I’ll get to that shortly.

More Familiar Faces

Cobb Vanth was cool and the Sergio Leone vibes when Cad Bane comes walking out the desert and they have that gunslinger stand-off, wow!. It was like The Good the Bad and the Ugly and I love that in Star Wars. Oh I guess I should point out another accurate leak from LRM, we did exclusively reveal that Cad Bane would show up in The Book of Boba Fett. Though, I have to say we didn’t know where or when he would show up. We knew he was in it and that he would be an antagonist for Fett (which we didn’t reveal) as most would expect. That was all we had.

We were also told another well known Bounty Hunter would appear and so far that has not been the case. Perhaps this person, whom I won’t name if you don’t follow rumors, will show up in the finale? It would be great to know we got both correct and since it was the same source for both, and they’ve never let us down before I’m going to say we’ll see this person next week.

The Choices of Master Luke and Grogu

Back to the choice of Grogu, which I could talk about for a whole article on it’s own. Luke gives Grogu a choice between the Mandalorian chainmail (I predicted that right on Cantina, take that Kyle and Shockey) and Yoda’s old Lightsaber. Now, this is less simple than it seems. On one hand you say, ok, Mando has that new special Grogu seat on his new ship for a reason. I agree. However, why bring back Yoda’s Lightsaber just to have Grogu reject it? No one else will ever use it, will they?

I think we also clearly now know that Grogu was scarred mentally by experiencing the events of Order 66. Grogu was clearly in the Jedi Temple as a youngling during the attack. One key question does remain though. Who actually saved Grogu and allowed him to leave? Could Anakin have spared him? Mace Windu back from the dead? There are so many opportunities for interesting stories here.

Though, would Luke really make Grogu choose? Luke himself was always torn between what he was taught to do and his attachment to his friends? Perhaps my one regret here is that as we know ultimately Luke fails with his Nephew. Therefore Luke’s beginning to follow the same Dogma as the Jedi here. Stay away from attachments! Shouldn’t he see the big picture, that it was attachment that helped turn Anakin, but it was also attachment that brought him back? I’d absolutely love some of these themes to be explored more, whether in Ahsoka, or even a Luke Jedi Academy series, which they could so pull off.

As for the Grade?

GRADE – A+++++

The best continuous 47 minutes of Star Wars (in my opinion) since Return of the Jedi in 1983. Can I give more plusses on the A?

EDIT: I just did

What did you think of my The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 review? Leave your own The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 review down below. Like me do you simply not care that there was no Boba Fett because this was so good, or do you have any criticisms? Thoughts below as always.

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