– by Kyle Malone

Okay, it is the weekend. That means there’s bound to be some lame story you click on out of morbid curiosity versus legitimate curiosity. I appreciate your morbidity!

Charlie’s Angels is a property made famous by a TV show in the 70s and re-attempted in the early 2000s. It involves three female spies/adventurers that take on cases big and small in an attempt to do the right thing for the world. There is an upcoming re-re-revival film that will be directed by Elizabeth Banks (Power RangersPitch Perfect) and star Naomi Scott (Aladdin) Kristen Stewart (Twilight) and Ella Balinska (Casualty) as the three Angels.

Now we have an example of the logo that will be used for the upcoming film:

There’s nothing too special with this logo other than the use of three-sided triangles. Being that there’s three angels it makes… yeah, you get it. What’s really confusing is the idea that Banks, Patrick Stewart, and Dijmon Hounsou are all playing the role of Bosley. Yeah, wrap your head around that…

Look, remakes of remakes are a thing these days. Rebooting things and reusing ideas from the past saves time and money for Hollywood. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that this is happening, but if you want to stop things like this become a filmmaker and insist on original ideas! Although there is nothing new under the sun, and everything that can be done has been done long before you thought of it. Except for Endgame that shocked the hell out of me.

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