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The Comic Stash | Books Worth Reading The Month Of March 2021 

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Hello and thanks for checking out The Comic Stash and what comics to get this month.  I like to go over Marvel title first, and then DC title, and independent companies.  I try to do my best to cover all the ones that are going to be hot titles, and let you know what each company has coming out this month.  But this can change because the title can be delayed or canceled.  I like to focus on ones that have a great story to tell, or because of the character they are covering or introducing.  I have been collecting comics for well over 30 years and enjoy sharing what I collect, along with the knowledge I have learned over the years.

Marvel has a new five issue mini-series called Demon Days X-Men #1, by Peach Momoko who does the art and the story telling.  It is a story of a wandering swordsman with a psychic blade that hunts down demons, monsters, and mutants.  Should be fun because the art and story is being done by a huge fan favorite.  Daredevil #28 continues with Elektra Natchios wearing the Daredevil suit while Matt Murdock is in jail.  So far this series has been a great story, which has been written by Chip Zdarsky, along with art by Marco Checchetto.  Spider-Man has a new series coming out called Non-Stop Spider-Man #1.  Which is written by Joe Kelly, with art by Chris Bachalo and Dale Eaglesham.  Writer Maurene Goo and artist Takeshi Miyazawa bring a five issue mini-series called Silk #1.  It has been a while since Silk has had a series, so I am looking forward to this series.   Another title from Marvel that is written by Al Ewing, Ben Percy and Tini Howard is called Carnage Black White and Blood #1.  The art is done by Ken Lashley and John McCrea that bring stories about Carnage in this four issue mini-series.  The do this by using ony three colors to illustrate this series.  The one I am looking forward to the most is Alien #1.  This series should be fun with Phillip Kennedy Johnson telling the story, along with art by Salvador Larroca.  They have also made variant covers with the Alien for most titles like Amazing Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

Marvel also has the following title coming out this month, X-men Legends #2, Web of Spider-Man #2 which is a blast to read.  The Union #4, Symbiote Spider-Man King in Black #5, Ghost Rider #8, Empyre Spider-Man #3, Black Cat #4, King in Black Scream #1, Black Knight Curse Ebony Blade #1, X-Factor #8, Deadpool #30, Children of Atom #1, King in Black Gwen vs Carnage #3, King in Black Captain America #1, America Chavez Made in USA #1, and Avengers Mech Strike #2, Wolverine Black White Blood #4, Valkyrie Jane Foster #11 and #12, Trails of Ultraman #1, Sword #4, and Maestro: War and Pax #3.

DC Comics has new series from Infinite Frontier called the Joker #1 that is written by James Tynion IV, and art by Guillem March.  This series takes place after Punchline #1 storyline and so far looks to be very enjoyable for Joker fans.  I know in this series they will have Punchline involved, and some hate her or love her.  One of the best series from DC Comics for me is Batman / Catwoman #4, which is written by Tom King and art by Clay Mann.  I have enjoyed whatever Tom King writes so far and never let down.  Another Infinite Frontier comic coming out is called Batman: Urban Legends, which covers three stories in this 64 page comic.  The other Infinite Frontier title coming out is called Teen Titans Academy #1.  This should be interesting as it introduces us to new titans that are written by Tim Sheridan and art by Rafa Sandoval.  Also coming out for DC is Catwoman #29, Wonder Woman #770, Rorschach #6, Batman White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn #6, Batman Black and White #4 and Other History of the DC universe #3.

Image Comics has a titled called Nocterra #1, written by Scott Snyder with art by great artists Tony S. Daniel, and Tomeu Morey.  This story takes us ten years after the world was plunged into everlasting darkness.  That brings with it mutated animals and humans, that the last living normal humans have to live with.  I enjoy the artwork and the first issue without a doubt wants the reader wanting more of the story.  Another new series coming out is called Karmen #1 that has both art and story by Guillem March.  This is a five issue mini-series about an unconventional angel named Karmen and the girl she takes under her wings.  This is an adult oriented book so not for younger readers.  Issue 2 of Stray Dogs also comes out this month, which follows the mystery of the dog master’s door.  This fun and very Disney like art is done by Trish Forstner, along with the dark story told by Tony Fleecs. This comic book is a must read for fans of horror and mystery.  Image Comics has the following coming out this month as well.  Two Moons #2, Department of Truth #7, Crossover #5, Scumbag #6, Postal Americana #4, HAHA #3, Walking Dead DLX #10 and #11, Radiant Black #2, Kick Ass vs Hit Girl #5, Deep Beyond #2, Fire Power #9, 

The Comic Stash

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From Boom! Studios comes the long delayed comic from actor and co-writer Keanu Reeves, BRZRKR #1.  This book is also co-written by Matt Kindt and art done by Ron Garney. This story is about an immortal warrior named Berzerker who is half-mortal and half-god who works for the United States Government.  In exchange for doing a mission that would kill normal people, he wants help solving his past and a way to end his immortality?  A great read and the art work works perfectly with the bloodlust battles we get to see in the pages.  They are also releasing Luna #2 and Specter Inspectors #2.

Aftershock Comics has Manic of New York #2 coming out this month, which continues the story of the unstoppable masked killer named Maniac Harry.  This story so far has been my favorite book to look forward to and reading.  We continue following detectives that are trying to find a way to stop Maniac Harry’s killing spree.  This great story is written by Elliott Kalan and the beautiful art is done by Andrea Mutti.  Also from this publisher is Scouts Honor #3 which is becoming a great story with more twists involved.  

Coffin Comics has another two issue mini-series from Lady Death called Malevolent Decimation #1.  Writer Brian Pulido and Mike MacLean, along with artist Diego Bernard have Lady Death going back to her evil roots.  This is going to be great to see her going back to her evil roots.  Dark Horse Comics has Fear Case #2 coming out this month, and a great read and I want to know they will end this story.  Also they are releasing Orphan and the Five Beasts #1.  

Dynamite has Vampirella vs Purgatori #1 coming out which both female characters are very popular with comic fans.  The story is written by Ray Fawkes and art by Alvaro Sarraseca, and should be a good story where both will fight each other but will they end up working together to save mankind.  Dynamite is also releasing Sonjaversal #2, Red Sonja: The Superpowers #3, and Vampirella: Dark Powers #4.

The following publishers have these titles coming out this month, from Artists Writers and Artisans INC they are releasing Casual Fling #2, and Year Zero Vol 2 #5.  Ablaze is releasing Gung Ho Sexy Beast #3, and Mirka Andolfos Unsacred Vol 2 #5.  IDW Publishing will be releasing Marvel Action Captain Marvel #1, Star Wars High Republic Adventures #2, TMNT Jennika II #5, Marvel Action Spider-Man #1, and Usagi Yojimbo Wanderers Road #5.

Zenscope Entertainment INC has the following one shot titles coming out, Myths and Legends Quarterly Dark Princess, Robyn Hood Cult of the Spider, Belle Thunder of Gods, Belle King of Serpents, Tales of Terror Quarterly, and Van Helsing Black Annis. They also have Courier Liberty and Death #3 coming out.

Oni Press INC has Rick and Morty: Jerryboree! #1, coming out this month.  Titan Comics is releasing Blade Runner Origins #1 and #2.  Vault Comics is releasing Vampire the Masquerade #6, and Antarctic Press is releasing Cat Shit Vol 2 #3.   Ablaze Comics is releasing Maria Llovets Eros Psyche #1, and Action Lab is releasing Carmine #4.  Blackbox Comics is releasing Devil’s Dominion #3, and Ahoy Comics is releasing Second Coming Only Begotten Son #3. Then there is Vault Comics which is releasing Witchblood #1 this month.

So these are the comic books that should be coming out this month and some of the ones I am most looking forward to reading.  This month there seems to be a lot more titles coming out compared to the last few months.  Again the ones I covered more in depth are the hot titles to get for this month, but as always collect what you love to read.  Thanks for taking time to read this column, and please look around our site for other great columns, videos and stories by our hard working crew.

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