Preston A. Whitmore II Was Inspired By His Background To Make Dutch [Exclusive Interview]

The writer and director Preston A. Whitmore II brings us Dutch. An action thriller based on the trilogy written by Terry Woods.   The Synopsis DUTCH introduces a player who will use any means

Edgar Ramirez Is Thrilled For His Debut In A Family Film With ‘Yes Day’ [Exclusive Interview]

Edgar Ramirez steps into a family film for the first time in Yes Day on Netflix. A story based on a kids book of the same title written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.   The

What If The Miracles Were Coming From Below And Not Above? Trailer For Sony Pictures’ ‘The Unholy’

Do you believe in miracles? Can someone really be blessed by the divine to perform all kinds of miracles to benefit humanity? What if that power wasn't coming from above but from something sinister below?

Paul Bettany Would Play Vision For A Long, Long Time

Every time Paul Bettany thinks he's out playing Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe pulls him back in. However, Bettany doesn't t have a problem with this dynamic. The actor would play his now-iconic Marvel

Sideshow Collectibles To Get This Month And Unboxing Cheetara Statue

Hello and welcome back to my column of collecting pricey Sideshow Collectibles statues and toys!  And as always thanks for taking the time to read this column and for your new welcome.  I have had a

Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania Working Title Revealed

As you probably know, most movies and shows shoot under a working title. Today we can share evidence that Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania working title revealed. And it's called, wait for it....Goat Rodeo! As

The Comic Stash | Books Worth Reading The Month Of March 2021 

Hello and thanks for checking out The Comic Stash and what comics to get this month.  I like to go over Marvel title first, and then DC title, and independent companies.  I try to do my best

Jac Schaeffer Talks WandaVision, Mephisto, And Al Pacino

By now I think most Marvel fans know the connection between WandaVision, Mephisto, and Al Pacino. If not, let me fill you in, briefly. A rumor, mixed with fan theories started spreading that Al Pacino

Indiana Jones 5: Where In The World Could He Go?

Indiana Jones has travelled to some dazzling locations and rumors are buzzing on where director James Mangold will send him next. Indiana Jones’s adventures span the globe, everywhere from Peru, Nepal, Egypt, USA, China, India,

Armor Wars Set To Film This April? Something Doesn’t Add Up

Is Armor Wars set to film this April? Maybe, but there is one wrinkle in the sheets with this one. According to a new report from Productionlist, Armor Wars is set to begin shooting on