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Hello, and welcome back! In this column I go over a few great titles from each company that has a great comic and worth picking up and reading for this month. I enjoy comics because some stories are so memorable. To do this you start with a great writer to paint that picture so that artists can make it come to life for us to see. Comics have become a huge part of Pop Culture. It is to the point that television shows, movies, and other platforms such as Netflix have determined the value of current and older comics. Again, these are my picks of comics that I feel have a great story.

Just please do not be that person that shows up on Wednesday to buy fives copies of one comic. I am incredibly lucky to have a local shop that only allows you to buy one issue of a new release. If you want the variant, you can buy that one instead. Some people get so upset but they do not get it. The worker is trying to ensure everyone gets one copy to enjoy and add to their collection. And to be honest, if you wanted that variant, you should be a pull customer so that you can get it, along with other issues that you want. Plus if you’re a pull customer you can get a discount and ensure you will not miss out on that issue.

Shout Outs

I would like to give my thanks my monthly pull shop, Rick’s Comics located in Nashville, Tennessee. The owner Rick has a few other shops in the Tennessee area and always has a great staff (especially Marty, who does my weekly pull list) that is always happy to help you. And please support your local comic shop. My local shop is called Fox’s Comics & Games located in Marion, Illinois. This local shop does have a massive option in sports and non-sport cards along with being the only place near with a great supply of back issues to go through. Mr. Fox will help take care of you and is super fair when it comes to the pricing and buying of products. They can help point you in the right direction for some great titles!

July 7, 2021

For the first week of July, the great title we will be getting from Marvel, X-Men #1  by Gerry Duggan with art by Pepe Larraz. This will be a new volume for the X-Men books and a must for X-Men fans. There of course will be a few variants available for you. Three that do connect. Along with one by Peach Momoko Skottie Young, and Rob Liefeld.

A great title from Boom! Studios, and for WWE fans, comes, WWE New Day Power of Positivity #1 (of 2)  by Narcisse, Evan, Austin Walker with art by Daniel Bayliss. Should be a fun, silly book made for kids in mind. So safe to get for them if they are fans of WWE. DC Comics will be releasing Batman Adventures Continue Season 2 #2  by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini with art by Ty Templeton. This version of Batman has been a fan favorite ever since the cartoon first aired.

Also, get a copy of Batman: Reptilian #1 by Garth Ennis with art by Liam Sharp. The story is amazing and it is a surprise with who is writing it, that there has not been much talk about it. They will also be releasing Batman Fortnite Zero Point #6 by Christian Duce with art by Christos Cage.

Nice House on the Lake #2 is by James Tynion IV with art by Alvaro Mart nez Bueno. The first issue was great so grab this series while it is still on issue #2.  From Dynamite comes Red Sonja: Black White Red #1 by Kurt Busiek, Amanda Deibert, and Mark Russell with art by Ben Dewey, Cat Staggs and Bob Q

Image Comics will be releasing, Geiger #4 by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson. This story has been a real treat and well worth checking out. They will be also releasing Nocterra #5 by Scott Snyder with art by Tomeu Morey. This issue will mark the end of this first story arc and hope you did not miss out on this story. If you did, and are trying to get back issue, this is the week to do it because they are doing some new prints of the past issues.

The last book to be on the lookout for from Image is, Skybound X #1 by Robert Kirkman, Tillie Walden, James Harren, and Chris Dingess with art by Tillie Walden, James Harren, and Matthew Roberts. This is a key book because we get a new chapter of the Walking Dead and other new short stories.

July 14, 2021

From Marvel there is, Aliens Aftermath #1 by Ben Percy with art by Dave Wachter. In this story, and for the  35th anniversary of Aliens the movie, we get to see what happened on Hadley’s Hope colony.

There is also, Extreme Carnage Scream #1 by Clay McLeod Champman with art by Chris Mooneyham. This story will focus on Andi Benton that must perfect her partnership with her symbiote.

A fan favorite, Star Wars War Bounty Hunters #2 is by Charles Soule and art by Luke Ross. Boba Fett is close to getting his stolen prize Han Solo, and with so much going on Boba Fett needs help from Doctor Aphra. Aftershock Comics has been on fire with one great book after another.

The new book from them is called Beyond the Breach #1 is by Ed Brisson with art by Damian Couceiro. This story is about Vanessa who just lost a ton in life but is now given Dougie, an orphaned kid, and Extra-dimensional creatures.

There is also, Bunny Mask #2 by Paul Tobin and Andrea Mutti. The first issue has a great ending. We pick it up from there and see how Bee and Leo Foster can figure things out.

DC Comics are along with Marvel in their great titles and on the war of pushing new characters each month to boost sales. I say that so you do not go crazy trying to get a new appearance, or a death, of a character. What high price book may be for a day or week will go down in value in times. So, do not overpay. With a that in mind, DC’s Detective Comics #1039 is by T. Rex and Mariko Tamaki with art by T. Rex and Viktor Bogdanovic. The story promises that Parasite Vile will cause a ton of trouble in Gotham along with a death of a character.

July 21, 2021

For this week’s great titles, Marvel is releasing Extreme Carnage Phage #1 by Steve Orlando with art by Gerardo Sandoval. This story is continuing from Extreme Carnage Scream #1. In the story it is Flash Thompson’s turn to be in the spotlight with Phage.

Also, another relaunch from Marvel is Moon Knight #1 by Jed MacKay with art by Alessandro Cappuccio. Should be interesting to how this series will go for Moon Knight. He is an overly complex character. However, it seems like the past series misses the mark at times. The big book from Marvel this week will be, Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Jabba the Hutt#1 by Justina Ireland with art by Luca Pizarri and More.

From Image Comics there is a great title that is a new miniseries: Mom Mother of Madness #1 (of 3). The story is by Emilia Clarke and Marguerite Bennett with art by Leila Leiz. In case you think you are seeing a mistake in the name, no this is by Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones.  This book is promised to have a ton of action! Although it is not for kids. Only for mature readers.

Image’s Shadecraft #5 is by Joe Henerson with art by Antonio Fabela. It is a great story about Zadie and her powers.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #19 should be selling on this day as well. It is the first appearance of Michonne, but in color this time!

The last book to check out this week is from Ablaze. Trese Graphic Novel vol 2: Unreported Murders is by Budjette Tan with art by Kajo Baldisimo. This is the same great title on Netflix. It is an award-winning series about Alexandra Trese. She solves crimes committed by the spiritual world.

July 28, 2021

In the last week of great titles for July, Marvel is releasing, Amazing Fantasy #1 (of 5). The story and art is by Kaare Andrews. This should be a fun series in which we see the heroes placed on an island of mystery and fantasy.

Another great title series is Daredevil #32. The story is by Chip Zdarsky with art by Mike Hawthorne. The new Daredevil / Elektra is put to the test as the Angel of Death come to New York.

DC has Batman Secret Files Huntress #1. The story is by Mariko Tamaki with a rt by David Lapham. In this one-shot, Huntress is out to get some payback. Batman Reptilian #2 is by Garth Ennis with art by Liam Sharp, comes out this week. The first issue is a fun story to see Batman going down a dark path.

From Image Comics comes a new series: Sweet Paprika #1. The great title has Mirka Andolfo doing the story and the art. I have been a big fan of Mirka’s work, so I am looking forward to this new series. Paprika is a New Yorker and great businesswoman, but has relationship issues. The art is beautiful and the detail in every panel makes the characters more fun to enjoy.

The last book in the list of great titles that is worth checking out this month is from Vault Comics. The Last Book You’ll Ever Read is by Cullen Bunn with art by Leila Leiz. Author Olvia Kade’s book SATYR reveals the secrets and doom coming to Earth. Those who read the book become violent and causes trouble worldwide. The other main character is her bodyguard Conner Wilson who must never read her book.

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These are the great titles I recommend reading, and collect, for this month. Never forget that they are just my suggestions. If you see something that catches your eye or interest, pick it up and check it out! It has always been a treat to see what comes out every week and see what amazing talent will create for the fans. Please, as always, go check out our other columns, stories, and videos. Let us know what you think as well, and remember to collect what you like. There is more than enough out there to check out!


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