– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Some people say that “truth is stranger than fiction,” and while that is sometimes the case, Hollywood does have a tendency to skew more towards embellishment in their adaptations of true events.

However, if there is one story where that saying holds true, it’s with the making of The Room, the best worst movie ever made. With The Disaster Artist, the film the chronicles the making of The Room, the truth portrayed on screen was so ridiculous that not everyone bought it.

Speaking with /Film, producer Scott Neustadter said:

“It’s funny, because when we were testing this movie initially with an audience of people, the one thing that they said at the end, which we couldn’t believe, was that they didn’t think any of this was true. Even though it says, ‘Based on a True Story,’ they just thought it was another Franco/Rogen [project], making something up and a funny character they were doing. The side-by-sides — some people still watch this movie and cannot believe, until the side-by-sides, that there is footage out there like what we shot. So that’s something that I think we, in telling the story, were cognizant of. Truth is stranger than fiction. Let’s lean in on more of what actually went down. And there are enough mysteries that go unanswered that we kept in the soufflé also.”

Of course, there’s still the itch to assume that James Franco and co. embellished on that truth, but if you’ve ever seen interviews with The Room writer-director Tommy Wiseau, it becomes very easy to believe everything on screen.

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