– by Seth McDonald

The first three minutes of Justice League has been released online, and if you still haven’t made it to the theater, you can now you can see Henry Cavill’s new face in 1080p.

While its pretty bad, if you didn’t know there was a mustache there, I don’t think most would be able to tell, however, if you know who Henry Cavill is, there is just something weird about his face. From what we understand, Cavill’s stunts in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6, prevented him from simply shaving for the Justice League reshoots (though it’s also possible that Paramount just did it to be assholes).

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I just find it hard to believe that in this day and age, a studio can’t put a fake mustache on an actor that will hold its place through stunts. It is easy to see that something is off about Cavill’s upper lip, and this seemed to be nothign but a power play from Paramoutn. Regardless, on a personal level, the CGI didn’t ruin the film for me.

While the movie wasn’t perfect and there was of course plot and pacing issues, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, more than any other in the DC Extended Universe. I loved how the characters were portrayed, and I really do think that the digital removal of Cavill’s mustache was one of the worst things about the film (let me have it in the comments).

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Source: Batman-News