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Candice Patton Steals The Show Last Night On The Flash

One of the most under-rated actors on this show has to be Candice Patton because her character hasn’t had a major event on the show that has truly impacted her.  Last night was Patton’s best performance yet, as she made the last moments of Iris West life shine more than any other character.  From the beginning of the episode it seemed that Iris had already accepted her fate and knew that no matter what happened in the last 24 hours she was going to die.  From the last conversation with her father Joe, to leaving Barry a video of her wedding vows, this show finally had its tough gut check moment for Team Flash.  All thanks to the brilliant acting of Candice Patton.  The previous two seasons of this show only saw the major events impact Barry and not the entire team, so they haven’t had an event where everyone lost someone significant to them.  Last night’s episode could be felt from everyone that they knew they were losing one of their own.

In last night’s episode of The Flash we finally saw the culmination of all the work that Team Flash put into stopping Savitar only to find out they had done absolutely nothing.  “Infantino Street” was a roller coaster of emotions starting with sense of acceptance with glimmers of hope for Team Flash but ultimately ending with the death of Iris West.  With all the events that happened last night the first and last five minutes of “Infantino Street” were probably the most gut wrenching moments of this season. The emotion shown by everyone hadn’t been seen since the end of Season 1 when Barry ended up not saving his mother from Reverse Flash. 

The final attempt to save Iris’ life was to find a power source for the Speed Force Bazooka and use it against Savitar.  The only source powerful enough in the area would come from the Dominator Tech stored at an A.R.G.U.S. facility site.  After being denied the tech by Lyla Michaels because of her hesitation from the effects of Flashpoint.  It would require Barry to steal the tech with the help of Captain Cold.  The team up with Cold wasn’t much of a surprise for me since Flash and Cold have had moments in the comic universe where they have worked together.  It wouldn’t be until Flash and Cold got to the room where the real challenge would begin.  The room A.R.G.U.S. had the Dominator Tech locked away in also had King Shark protecting it.  Breaking into the room would be easy but the dilemma on what to do with King Shark would be hard.  In a role reversal of sorts Barry would be the one who would want to kill King Shark using Cold’s gun and Snart wanted to use his new knowledge of sharks to slow down King Shark.  Like all heist it did not go smoothly and would see Snart trapped in the cell with King Shark.  Barry had to make the choice of escaping with the power source or stay and help Snart escape knowing that A.R.G.U.S. agents would capture them.  Being the noble hero Barry would stay and help Snart out of the cell only to be captured.  In a weird twist Lyla lets Barry leave with the tech because of his sacrifice for Snart.  The premise behind this team up was summed up perfectly at the end when Snart says that he sees the evil in Barry, while Barry sees the good in Snart.   

At the same time Joe and Wally decide to take Iris to Earth 2 without Barry knowing about it.  This is a plan that I thought would’ve have worked some time ago and especially with the reveal that Savitar was Barry’s time remnant.  Hiding out on Earth 2 would’ve have worked if no one on Earth 1 would’ve known about it.  Savitar would use that mistake to find out where Iris was buy pretending to be Barry and H.R. would give him the information on accident.  This idea could’ve been expanded more over the span of a couple episodes and worked really well instead of the other story lines that were used.

There were two parts of this episode that had no reason to be in it. The first was the sudden confrontation between Cisco and Frost that made absolutely no sense besides the fact that Frost needed to kill Cisco in order to fully become Frost.  The second was the weird marriage proposal between H.R. and Professor Tracy Brand.  With so much of this episode filled with heavy emotions I guess it was the writers’ way of adding a light hearted moment.  The only impact that came from these events was Cisco not being able to help Barry stop Savitar and him losing his arms to his battle with Frost.

Overall this episode had a lot of different emotional moments but none stuck out most than the last moments of Iris West before she was killed.  While the majority of the episode was focused on the team’s final attempts to save Iris it was all for nothing since Savitar would know every step.  Now with the season finale next week we are left to wonder if Barry has one more trick up his sleeve or will he accept his fate and the effects he created from Flashpoint.  What did you all think of last night’s episode let us know in the comments section below.

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