The Flash “The Wrath Of Savitar” Review

The past two weeks saw a break in the main story line and focus on Grodd.  This was a much needed break because it felt like the Savitar story line was getting dry.  With the two weeks focused on Grodd it made the return of Savitar a lot more satisfying.  With the return of Savitar it made this episode an emotional roller coaster and mind bender.

Until this episode it seemed that Savitar’s motivation was equal to Zoom or Thawne..  Something that Zoom and Thawne had incommon, although they were great villains, was their motivation and how it only focused on Barry.  The rest of the team supported Barry into defeating Zoom and Thawne.  After the teams impromptu meeting with Savitar through Julian it was clear that Savitar would definitely be Barry’s toughest challenge he will ever face.  While Thawne and Zoom presented a viable threat to Barry and the team, Savitar has shown the abilities to get in everyone’s head and this episode showed exactly that.

Barry has become so desperate to stop Iris from dying in the future that he was willing to propose to Iris under false pretenses.  The engagement reveal at the beginning of the episode gave the audience hope that Barry had moved on from trying to focus on the future, instead focusing on the present.  Joe’s reaction to Barry and Iris’s engagement was truly authentic.  Something that he has probably wanted to see for a long time but a little disappointed that Barry didn’t ask for his permission.  Any man who has proposed knows that if your girlfriend is close with her parents then it is a must to ask for permission.  It wasn’t until Wally’s frustration with Barry that he vibed with Cisco and noticed that Iris wasn’t wearing a ring at her death that we all realized the engagement wasn’t an act of true love.  Instead it was a move by Barry to alter the future.  This action was something we have come accustomed to with Oliver and not Barry.  That is what made this action so heart breaking because Barry is now acting rogue and desperate.

This episode highlighted at the end the big reveal of Savitar’s plan which seemed like something out of The Matrix or Inception. With little reveals throughout the episode thanks to Julian linking in with Savitar thank to Cisco we realized that Savitar was a creation from Barry and the team.   The biggest reveal of last nights episode was Wally got his powers as an effect from Flashpoint controlled by Savitar.  While the initial episodes of Flashpoint seemed disappointing the writers have slowly revealed all the effects from this one event.  It seems that the both Barry and Savitar had the same idea of using Wally as the key to stop each other, only Savitars plan had a bigger picture for Wally.  While Savitar was stuck in the speed force and witnessing the events going on in Flashpoint the idea of giving Wally powers was birthed.  Savitar know that Wally’s arrogance paired with powers would be enough to trick him to getting the philosopher stone and switching places in the speed force.  This reveal while long to come about was brilliant.  My only fear is that not all the viewers picked up all the complex pieces to put the puzzle together.

Overall this episode was amazing and continuing the hot streak the show has been on.  While having another speedster as the main villain seemed like overkill, it is now apparent that Savitar is completely different than the previous speedsters.  It seems that it is only going to get worse for Barry now that Savitar is freed from the speed force and the team is broken.  

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