– by Mark Cook

Welcome back to another episode of The Flash. What will this week have in store for us?  Citizen Cold returns and there is an appearance from Black Siren (she sure is popular this season…).  What will be the outcome for Wells?  Will DeVoe changes forms again?  Read on to find out:

The Thinking Cap — The infusion of dark matter into Well’s brain had quite the adverse effect: he is losing his intelligence.  I wonder why everyone else who encounters dark matter gets powers, yet Wells loses something.  Cisco tries to use the cap, and Wells confides in him that he used the dark matter and his losing his intelligence, what he claims is his only trait that helps the team.

Killer Frost No More–Caitlin’s powers are gone.  No one aside from the bus metas have been DeVoe’s target, so why did he take Caitlin’s powers?  Maybe this is a clue for the return of a character from…

Earth-X — For some reason, the writers decided to bring Earth-X back onto the scene.  While I was excited to see the return of Citizen Cold, they couldn’t have found any other villain other than Earth-X Black Siren?  (Man, they are really plugging her character).  The character is…ok…but I have never been completely captivated by her.  There are so many other villains out there to choose from (even though the show has sprinted through most of them with their meta-of-the-week format). Apparently they needSnart’s gun in order to move Fallout so that DeVoe can’t get him.  At this point I honestly forget who all DeVoe has control of and who he doesn’t.

The Positive — Wentworth Miller’s return was much welcomed.  He always does a wonderful job, and his character provided a voice of reason for Barry.  He wasn’t afraid to call him out when required.  Snart does talk some sense in to Barry letting him know that Ralph’s death was not his fault, which Barry is what Barry has been struggling internally with.

Black Siren — Black Siren X (I guess that’s what she is called) has super hearing abilities as well and hears of the team moving the meta.  The team goes to get Fallout: Snart with his gun, Flash with his speed, Joe with a gun, and Iris with…her sling.

DeVoe’s Priority — Well, his priority sure isn’t his wife.  As she tries to get all dolled up for him, he belittles her by telling her not to think, and merely do what he asks (keep an eye on this. She will probably be part of DeVoe’s downfall). He does deliver a bit of psychological trauma for Barry (who has been numb to Dibny’s death) by using his voice to finally strike a chord with Barry.  For whatever reason, Black Siren X takes over the truck that DeVoe wanted, which has Fallout on it.  The episode is odd.  It has been jumping around, and the first half didn’t seem to find a natural flow.

DeVoe begins to show a weakness, which his wife calls him out for.  He predicted Barry would take down Black Siren X, but he didn’t because of his own doing, impersonating Dibny.  DeVoe’s wife informs him that he may be able to predict actions, but he cannot predict emotions (including her own).  This is an interesting approach, and may end up helping Barry in the end, but are emotions truly DeVoe’s weakness?  Hmm. Odd.

Black Siren comes to the police department with Fallout, the freeze gun, and some awful word choices.  Her character makes me cringe sometimes. It seems as if she wants to kill the police officers since she lost her regime from Earth-X…wait, what?  Really?  That is quite the stretch.  They couldn’t come up with any other reasons?  She wants coincidental revenge.  She came to Earth-1 by chance, and then decided she wanted revenge for her regime.  After an extended time of siren screams, Flash takes care of Black Siren X while Caitlin and Snart both use cold guns to cool down Fallout.  So they needed Snart for his cold gun, but had another cold gun? I could just be confused, but what is the purpose of the Earth-X story?  Just to use Snart as a voice of reason?

The psychological aspect of this week’s episode carried some interest, but the show still struggles due to all of the growing plot holes, and sporadic writing.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  How will the team take-down DeVoe?  Leave your comments in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next week at 8 p.m. on The CW.