– by Mark Cook

The Flash returns from its holiday hiatus and dives right back into where they left off.  Barry was arrested for the murder of DeVoe, which was obviously staged by the real DeVoe’s body swap.  Where will this leave Barry and the team?  Will he be falsely imprisoned like his father before him?  Read on to find out!

Barry’s Plea Of Innocence — The episode begins with Barry rehashing his innocence.   The evidence makes Barry’s future look a bit bleak at this point.  In court, Barry is painted as the “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” As the prosecutor continues to pile the evidence on Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe receive their typical meta alert on their phones.  This part seemed extremely needless at this point.  Why do all three need to go to the scene in order to be debriefed on what happened? Plus, they are debriefed by the captain who then ends up back at the courtroom to testify.  Anyways, the courtroom scene has been good.

I actually found myself curious as to how Barry would be able to get himself out of this mess, and prove his innocence, which was a much welcomed feeling.  He is put in a position where he can reveal his identity (even though it seems so many people know who he is) and possibly walk, or not reveal his alter ego and be put in prison.  As Iris is about to reveal that Barry is The Flash, Barry uses his speed to stop her mid-sentence and have the typical talk that they do when Barry is faced with what seem like insurmountable odds.  This then leads her to look like an idiot randomly shouting out in court. The other odd part was that Barry left during the court scene. Yes, they explained why, but once again it was unnecessary. There was no need for the meta, Fallout.  Focus on the trial, which was actually interesting.  Barry is eventually found guilty due to the overwhelming evidence.

The New DeVoe — Now that DeVoe has completed his “wardrobe” change, there is an awkward exchange between him and his wife, as she clearly feels uncomfortable with their new situation.  I do have to admit, their interactions did seem a bit uncomfortable.  Now, this will come back to haunt her in a fun little twist as she takes the stand to testify against Barry.  As she is telling her story (and poorly sobbing) some new evidence is brought to light as pictures of her kissing “a man who wasn’t her husband” is shown to the jury.  Could this be the possible hole in her story?  What could be her defense?  She claims that it was her husband’s idea for her to go to Dominic Lance to take care of her needs as she says.  The jury seems to somewhat believe her, but might there be someone who thinks she possible planned the “killing” of her husband?  Even after the verdict, she and Dominic are clearly seen leaving holding hands.  This really isn’t more of a red flag?

Dibny Steps Up — For all of his quirkiness, Dibny steps up in this episode.  It is a small part, but vital.  Joe wants him to help break into DeVoe’s house to plant some evidence.  Prior to doing so, he describes to Joe what exactly is on the line for him if he chooses to do so, and also emphasizes the life this will give him (alluding back to his actions in the past).  It was the voice of reason for Joe right when he needed it.

Meta Of The Week — Per usual, there is a new meta of the week who looks to threaten the team.  Rather than diving right back into this favored idea, I would have liked the episode to solely focus on Barry’s trial.  They could add a good amount of depth to the story rather than short-changing it merely to add in a new meta (who seems to have the ability to…make all those around him pass out…).  Possibly halitosis?  Not so much, but more so he is radioactive and doesn’t know it yet. As Barry leaves court, he runs circles around Fallout as Cisco opens a breach to the uninhabited Earth-15 to send the radiation.

The positives?  The trial was fun and refreshing, and Iris wasn’t bossing people around. The negatives?  Some odd plot holes and the use of Fallout for no real, impactful reason. The ironic?  Barry gets placed in the same cell his father was in. What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was it a good return after a long break?  Do you think the second half of the season will take a positive swing?  Where does this leave Barry and the team? Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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