The Flash: Will DeVoe’s Plan Be Revealed?

It’s Tuesday (well, Wednesday by the time you read this, but you know what I mean) and that means another episode of The Flash.  As the season nears its end, what is in store for the fans?  Read on to find out!

Mr. and Mrs. DeVoe — The episode starts eight years early (as well as another hair style for DeVoe) at a lecture where the two were debating against each other regarding the Enlightenment and how technology should/should not be used moving forward.  Flash forward to the present, and they still look to be at odds with each other. The DeVoe’s go to Vandermeet Steel with a focus on the theft of Alloy 1771.  DeVoe uses all of his powers (to be honest, I don’t even remember all of the powers that he has at this point).  As they go to leave DeVoe uses his powers to force the security guard to hold himself at gunpoint as he said to his wife, “You knew there would be casualties. He brought this on himself.” Was it really necessary to kill the security guard?  Obviously not as they create a breach and leave.  Couldn’t they have done that inside the vault? I get that this is supposed to show the new “bad guy” personality of DeVoe, but come on.  There had to be a better way.  How did the guard “bring it on himself?”  By doing his job?

Flashbacks — More flashbacks of the DeVoe’s occur.  As they move in together, Mrs. DeVoe does some snooping (not recommended) and finds his journal showing his disgust for technology.  He feels people use it as a crutch, rather than their minds.  Mrs. DeVoe encounters a situation that makes her also view technology in a negative light (even though later they have that floating chair and all…).

Wells’ Confession — The team try to revive Caitlin’s powers. As they are doing so, Wells is clearly confused, which leads to him telling the team that he is losing his intelligence due to the dark matter, which coincidentally is reversible.

Cecile returns, and with her mind reading, helps Wells figure out that the more he tries to use his brain, the quicker he loses it. Cecile can now also see what Wells is thinking before it vanishes.

Gumshoes — The next part was confusing as well.  Joe, Barry, Cisco, and Iris (who no longer has a sling, nor any signs of discomfort after being stabbed two weeks ago…) all report to the crime scene at Vandermeet Steel while other police officers are there.  How does Iris get access?  Because she is Joe’s daughter?  I don’t think that’s how it works.  Barry and Joe work for the department, while Cisco has done some work for them as well, but Iris has no business being there.  “Hey, there was a theft and a guy shot himself…come on in civilian…” Yikes.

Hold on…big action scene… Barry, Cisco, and Gypsy arrive to prevent DeVoe from stealing his next item.  Flash can’t seem to move fast enough as DeVoe breaches him to the Northern Lights.  Once again, Barry can move quicker than the human eye, but apparently not quick enough to fool DeVoe.  Maybe he is so smart that he knew it was coming?  It was still as anticlimactic as all of the “action” has been of late.

The team finds out that DeVoe has stolen even more items, oh and killed more security guards.  He really doesn’t like them.  I get it, they want him to seem much more “bad” now, but killing security guards when he can quickly breach in and out of places still doesn’t make sense to me.  It isn’t necessary.

Team Flash then find out that DeVoe isn’t creating one machine, but numerous satellites in order to work together. This time though they surprise the DeVoe’s.  Not sure how he surprised him now, but not before.  It isn’t enough though.  As DeVoe has Gypsy in full Darth Vardar mode, his wife speaks against his actions of choking Gypsy to death.  She insisted that it was not a part of their plan, because they are to save all of them as part of the Enlightenment.  So, in essence, DeVoe wants to remove everyone’s intelligence to bring them back to a more basic state so that they aren’t as reliant on technology. Alright, well, that’s different.

DeVoe’s wife leaves him as she is rehabilitating in the chair.  It looks like she will more than likely be the key to taking down DeVoe as many have predicted.

Shout out to the weird ninja-sword thing again.

This week was more of the same: a lot of story and very little action.  The end was interesting as we saw the mysterious girl from the wedding who is a speedster.  I’m still betting it is Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. The writers tried to focus more on the DeVoe’s backstory, but if they really wanted to do it correctly, they should have followed in the steps of Arrow. Their episode focusing on Diaz was wonderful, but Diaz is also an interesting villain.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  As always, leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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