The God Of High School Episode 3 Review And Roundtable Discussion

Hello, everyone! This week’s episode of The God of High School is a game changer. If you are not caught up, I would start now. In this week’s review, we are changing up the format a little bit, as Brendan and I are bringing this review to you as more of an actual roundtable discussion. So, let’s get right into it (Spoilers ahead!).

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Episode 3 Discussion


First off, Brendan’s initial reaction to the episode was correct in that it took things to a new level. What did you like about the episode?


I felt that this episode was the first one in The God of High School adaptation that wasn’t a slog to get through. Before this point, the pacing in the show was a bit slow without many stakes to get me interested. Seeing the personal side of each character, especially Han Daewi, who’s justification was finally seen for more than a split second. I also enjoyed the fact that the fights were longer. This way we get to see each martial arts style.


Yes, I agree that the pacing has changed for the better. I enjoyed Mira’s fight and getting to see her style on display a little more. Her character brings a much different style of martial arts compared to everyone else we’ve seen thus far. I feel like her character will be important to scale when compared to other fights because of her use of a sword. Although, it is great that she has some moves outside of having her sword — I don’t like when a character’s strength is tied to their weapon. Going back to your point on pacing, I have enjoyed the show up to this point, but maybe it is because I do not have the background on the comic like you do. How do you feel the anime compares to the source material so far?


There are numerous changes that are giving long-term followers a bit of hesitation about this series so far. The first episode opening with a picture of Mori and his grandfather is normally hidden due to certain reasons. In this episode, we started to get a picture of why Mori has not been completely kicked out of the tournament yet and why he is so powerful. Another big problem revolves around the bag of fruit Mori receives. This differs greatly from how he gets the fruit in the Webtoon. Overall, seeing this series from a new point of view is interesting, but is not what most people were looking for.


I hear you, those are great points. At least the changes may keep everyone guessing as the show progresses. Another thing I want to bring up is how world-building will give us viewers a better idea of how powers work, like Park Mujin’s insanely overpowered abilities. I am curious as to whether or not Mori’s power comes from the same source as Park Mujin’s. We also got a glimpse of a Persona-like summoning ability from one of the tournament supervisors. Just taking a guess here, but perhaps their powers come from different gods or deities that those cloaked figures seem to worship. Or maybe the cloaked figures are the gods/deities. That would be cool to see. Regardless, the fights so far have been great and I’m excited to see more. 


Yes for sure. The common benchmark to continue watching a series for most fans is the third episode. Do you believe The God of High School has passed this litmus test?


Yes, absolutely! This third episode really got the ball rolling. How about you, Brendan?


The show was cutting it close with two lackluster episodes, however, I agree that this third episode bailed the show out of hot water. For new viewers, I believe the series will be generally viewed as more favorable. The trick this series will need to do next is be able to satisfy the fanbase that has been with the series the longest. With a polarization in the fanbase, there is a cap holding this series back. 


Yes, I hear you. It is important that Crunchyroll builds their original animes so they get on people’s radar. Especially since we have yet to see very many Crunchyroll originals. Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing Park Mujin and his crew develop further. A great villain can really make a story for me, and I hope he is equally as great as Jin Mori has been so far.


This series definitely can get crazy at times, I feel like the anime community is starting to become aware why this show was so hyped. The antagonists in this series continue to get better with future arcs, which will likely not be seen in season one of The God of High School.


And that’s all we have for you this week. Stay tuned for future reviews and keep up with The God of High School.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of The God of High School? What do you think about the show thus far? Continue the discussion with us in the comments down below!

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