– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If you have yet to check out the NBC series The Good Place, I highly recommend you do yourself a solid and fix that problem immediately. For those unfamiliar, it follows the story of a woman named Eleanor who wakes up to find herself in the Good Place, which is basically one interpretation of heaven. But there’s one big problem: Eleanor was an awful person when alive and knows that she doesn’t belong.

The first season of the show dealt with Eleanor slowly discovering that four other citizens of the Good Place — Chidi, Jason, and Tahani — also don’t belong here, and what follows is an engaging and hilarious parable about morality. Things were understandably amped up in the second season, with the world growing out, and big revelations regarding the world — and the characters involved (hello, Michael).

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Season 2 left things off in an interesting place: with the main group getting sent back to Earth with a second chance. This whole deal is meant to answer one question. Is it possible for bad people to actually become good people if given a helping hand?

In the newly-released clip from NBC, we get to see a glimpse of that Season 2 ending from Michael’s perspective. The scene doesn’t really add any new information (hence why I’m sure NBC had no problem releasing it), but it does add another layer to the increasing DMV feel the afterlife has, and it’s a solid segue into what I hope will be another stellar season.

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