– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Without a doubt, Harry Potter is the biggest “new” IPs to come out of the past two decades. In fact, if someone were to tell me that it’s likely the newest big piece of IP that will hit over the next couple decades, I’m not sure I’d be able to argue. Sure, there have been some other big things that have come and gone in the past couple decades, but none as widespread and pervasive as Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter novels have spawned toys, merch, theme parks, movies, video games, spinoffs, and everything else in between. The number of properties that can stand alone like that are few and far in between. And yet, it’s still breaking records and hitting milestones. Now, according to Bloomsbury (via The Bookseller), the books themselves have hit another big one.

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Between all versions of the books (and their three companion novels), they have sold an amazing 500 million copies. That’s right. These books have sold half a billion total copies. The publisher went on to claim that that means that one in fifteen people in the entire world owns a Harry Potter book.

Of course, while it’s still an impressive accomplishment, let’s not kid ourselves — that specific statement ain’t true. The books alone make up a series, and most people who own the book own most, if not all, of them. Furthermore, there are plenty of people who have double-dipped, buying multiple copies of the book series.

But, when all said and done, it’s still an amazing accomplishment to sell 500 million of anything.

How many copies of the Harry Potter books do you have? Let us know your thoughts below!

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SOURCE: The Bookseller

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