– by Anthony Esteves

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi made a box office gross of just over $1.3 billion worldwide. On Rotten Tomtoes, it sits comfortably at a 91% fresh approval rating. While the film had its critics regarding the story, one would think that the increasing diversity in the cast of characters is a positive aspect.

Yet, even in 2018, there are those who think diversity is a bad thing, and they deliver their stance in grotesque manners. A tweet late Monday evening from the Star Wars Facts account stated that actress Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, has deleted all of her Instagram posts. This comes after months of racism and sexism directed at Tran by fans who opposed her casting.

While there has not been any current update as to why Tran removed her posts, a quick Google search can point out the amount of harassment she endured after the opening of the film. Tran’s character is the first woman of color to have a lead role in the Star Wars franchise, but it seems that a number of fans and Alt-Righters couldn’t avoid making misogynistic, racist and sexist remarks regarding the actress, bombarding her during opening weekend and the months to follow. Yes, you can not like her character, but never should the conversation shift to the race or sex of an actor.

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Instead of welcoming diversity, knowing full well that they live in an ever-evolving world, fans like these and the ones involved in GamerGate attempt to put a stranglehold on diversity in entertainment because they fear their loss of control. They fear non-masculine, non-Anglo Saxon heroes in their beloved franchises and will hide behind their social media masks in order to spew their bigotry, prejudice, and sexism.

This writer hopes for the best for Tran as well as continued diversity in our future forms of entertainment.

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Source: Star Wars Facts Twitter account.