– by Seth McDonald

The man, the myth, the legend is returning. Yep, the great Ron Burgandy is returning to the airwaves, although this time he won’t be on screen but will host his own podcast on iHeatRadio. Burgandy, who has one of the top five mustaches to ever grace the screen is set to bring fans two seasons of his new podcast that will consist of 12 episodes each.

In the trailer, which you can watch at the top of this article, Burgandy can be seen asking some, well, unusual questions to the the mascot known as The San Diego Chicken (who I just learned is NOT the mascot for the San Diego Padres, learn someting new everyday…).

A word from the President of the iHeartPodcast Network Conal Byrne:

“Ron believes he is the most qualified person in the world to host a podcast, but everything he says is just plain wrong. As I’ve stated before, iHeartRadio was forced into making this podcast with Ron. He has refused to stay away from our studios and is now camping out in a van across the street where he has recorded upwards of 100 cassette tapes of pure nonsense. We’ve been receiving daily deliveries of these tapes, and quite frankly, I am at a loss as to what to do with them.”

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Hopefully the rest of the Anchorman crew will show up for an episode or two, but at this point no guests are known other than the San Diego Chicken of course. It would nice if Burgandy can get some major players in there to ask his special brand of absurd and ridiculous questions, Deadpool comes to mind for one, Kanye West perhaps, anyone that can play off Burgandy would be great.

The Ron Burgandy Podcast premieres February 7.

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Source: iHeartRadio