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‘The Mandalorian’ Chapter 10 The Passenger Reaction [Spoiler Warning]

The second season of The Mandalorian premiered last week with an uproar of satisfaction. Not only did we get the introduction of Cobb Vanth we also got to witness what a Krayt Dragon finally looked like.  This was the perfect episode to start the season on a high note and get everyone excited about the rest of the season.  The glimpse of Boba Fett alive on Tatooine was the cherry on the sundae that made the episode iconic.  It was going to be really hard to follow up with an episode just as exciting.  While I will understand that some fans will be disappointed this recent episode, there were some aspects that made Chapter 10 interesting.

This is your last warning if you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Mandalorian….

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While Chapter 9 The Marshall seemed to be a one off story, we know from the trailers and released photos that Chapter 10 The Passenger will be a continuation story that will last multiple episodes.  With Din Djarin striking out on Tatooine to find a Mandalorian he is given information where another Mandalorian is located. But in order to get this information he must taxi a Frog Lady passenger with her eggs to meet her husband so they can fertilize the eggs.  To the casual fans this seemed like a meaningless mission that has no real reason but if you remember from the trailer and stills this will be a lengthy story arc.

Mandalorian Season 2 Mon Calamari

The Child Can Eat

Some interesting things to point out from this episode has to be The Child’s unbelievable appetite and the popularity of Din Djarin is increasing. I wish that my daughters had the same appetite as The Child. It is apparent that this little creature could easily win the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest on the 4th of July.  With no regard to life it seems that this little alien will eat anything that it possibly can.  Let’s hope there are enough eggs that make it to Mon Calamari so the Frog couple can have offspring. Leave it to The Child to have no care and eat a baby alien spider which causes an all out assault of alien spiders to attack Din Djarin, The Child, and Frog Lady.

Mando’s Is Popular Among The Rebels And The Empire

The other interesting concept from this episode was Din Djarin’s interaction with the Rebel X-Wing Pilots. While the Republic seems to have control on the inner sectors of the galaxy, it is not the same for the outer rim.  Of course one of the X-Wing Pilots was none other that Dave Filoni reprising his role from the first season.  With the X-wing pilots coming in to save the day there was a piece of me thinking it was Boba Fett in Slave 1 but it made sense for that not to be true. The exchange between the pilots and Din Djarin let us know that the actions of Mando are being monitored by both the Republic and Empire.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see a skirmish between the Rebellion and Empire at the end of the season.

The episode ends with the Razor Crest limping across space to get to its final destination. Barring any issues from the badly damaged space ship we should see Din Djarin, The Child and Frog Lady make it safely to we assume Mon Calamari.


Overall this episode was on par from the episodes of last season where it had a heavy focus on Din Djarin. While last week was full of surprises and met the hype from the audience.  This episode went more back in line with the tone of the show from last season.  There is still a lot of mystery regarding when Din Djarin will finally meet another Mandalorian or Jedi.  Based on the flow of the storyline it looks like we will see Sabine Wren next before we see Boba Fett or another Mandalorian.

Overall Score: A-

What do you think about this exclusive look? Are you excited as I am for season two of The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian Season 2 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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