The Mandalorian Chapter 13: A Larger Story Begins | Free Talk Friday [SPOILERS]

Well I have just watched The Mandalorian Chapter 13, probably like most of you. It would be fair to say things went as expected, well, if you’ve been following the rumors. I’ll say up front that I had already heard some information about Chapter 13. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say the real name of The Child was not a surprise to me. We could have published what we knew, however spoiling a show reveal a few days prior to broadcast is just not what we are about here at LRM.

It goes without saying we are getting into SPOILERS for The Mandalorian Chapter 13, including ‘Baby Yoda’s real name. If you have not seen the episode yet, go watch and then come back to discuss.

Below Lies SPOILERS for The Mandalorian Chapter 13





Introducing ‘Grogu’

Finally we know the real name and some backstory for The Child. No longer will we be referring to him as Baby Yoda, now we know his name is Grogu. I won’t go over everything that happened in The Mandalorian Chapter 13. Instead I wanted to use this week to touch back on some of the rumors that LRM were first to reveal. My reason for doing so, is because there were a lot of hints this week to where things might be going.

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So let’s explore some of the rumors LRM published from our source at Lucasfilm shall we? First off LRM revealed that there were several The Mandalorian spin-off shows coming. The shows we were told about initially were as follows. A Boba Fett showy, which is pretty much confirmed now to be a prequel mini-series. We were also told about an Ahsoka Tano spin-off series starring Rosario Dawson. However full disclosure, LRM were not first to spread that rumor. I think we can place that one in the highly likely category given Dawson’s introduction, and potential exit from The Mandalorian.

Next up we had an Ezra Bridger/Thrawn show, and that along with Boba Fett was a rumor that very few people accepted. There was another show featuring an unnamed character we were told about, but given no further details. We then heard later from the same source that a Cara Dune spin-off was also being developed. We never got any clarification on whether Cara was the ‘unnamed character’ mentioned previously, so I won’t say that’s the case.

You can find the links to both these exclusive reveals spread throughout this article in the related sections. As well as what I feel is a very revealing story about comments made by Jon Favreau. This is a collection of everything we have said along with all the evidence you need to out the picture together.

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Ahsoka is still looking for Thrawn, that much is fact. So hopefully readers can see that an Ezra/Thrawn show would completely fit in this post-Empire time period. When we were first told, the one I could not get my head around was the Boba Fett show. Of course it now makes a lot of sense given we know it’s a prequel mini-series. I’ve talked before about how I think that could be setting up a confrontation between Din Djarin and Fett for Season 3 or beyond. I’ll now guess that the Ahsoka spin-off show will sow seeds for a show about Ezra/Thrawn further down the line.

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Our information was that The Mandalorian, Fett, Ahsoka, Ezra/Thrawn and one other show would all be connected. Our source described the scenario as Game of Thrones, where each plot had it’s own show instead. So for any Thrones fans imagine this like a Daenerys in the East show, Jon in the North show, and Kings Landing show. The story being told would be the same story eventually, but also separate and focused on those characters. We were told we were crazy, that we were making things up, that none of this could happen. Yet, as The Mandalorian Season 2 has gone on, all of these things have become more realistic. Now we after The Mandalorian Chapter 13, things seems to be headed in that direction.

The Final Word

The Mandalorian Chapter 13

Look, I know this might come across as a told you so article. However, that’s not my intention. I am merely trying to make readers aware that our source in Lucasfilm is genuine. I think we also have to shout out to the folks at KRT. Those guys have been hearing a lot of the same information as we have and corroborated many of our scoops. KRT also added Bo-Katan into the mix for the Cara Dune spin-off, and remember this was all before Bo-Katan showed up.

In fact the only point we have sort of disagreed on was KRT insisted an animated Rebels sequel was coming. Our source hadn’t heard of it and felt like live-action was where this Rebels sequel would play out. The reason for the difference has still to be determined, but plans change all the time. We will just have to wait and see on that front for now.

Like I said up top, we were already aware of many of the details of The Mandalorian Chapter 13, but not from our source. There were a few other outlets sharing these details in the past week and I checked those out, and decided not to share. In the words of the Emperor, “everything is proceeding as I had foreseen.”

Now the cats are starting to come out of the bag, how long before we get an Ahsoka spin-off announcement do you think? What did you think of The Mandalorian Chapter 13? Leave them below if you got them.

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