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Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for The Mandalorian, Chapter 4.

After snatching away Baby Yoda from the clutches of the baddies, the titular Mandalorian escaped to a distant planet to lay low. Of course, the galaxy is packed full of problems, and upon landing, he is confronted by a whole band of villagers who request his services to help their town take on a host of bandits who stole their food.

This eventually led to a confrontation to not only the group of bandits, but an AT-ST walker. Seeing this as too big an obstacle, the Mandalorian initially sought to reject the villagers’ requests to help, but ultimately came up with a plan. And the moment…well, it resulted in a bit of a horror movie scene with the walker encroaching like some sort of monster.

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As it turns out, director Bryce Dallas Howard knew very well how this could end up resembling the Jurassic series, and played it up as such.

“I had so much fun with that. I never felt like I’d seen an AT-ST really be as scary as it could be given its stature and power,” Howard told THR. “I was first thinking, “What’s the scenario where there’s a village of people and there’s some monster in the woods?” and not knowing exactly what that monster is but it’s a threat. That was something fun to try and play up. Jon Favreau would be like, “Oh, Bryce, that’s like your first movie, The Village,” and it kind of is. (Laughs.) There’s a shot behind Omera (Julia Jones) and Mando (Pedro Pascal) when they’re looking out at the children when they’re inside the cottage. We did French overs for that, which is a tiny homage to a scene that I had with Joaquin Phoenix in The Village. And then, of course, with all the AT-ST stuff, Jurassic is definitely a really great reference for that — when you’re on the run from a monster in close proximity and that monster is thirty-feet high. So, that was something I was keenly aware of.”

I definitely got the more horror aspects of the walker in this episode, but I didn’t notice the connection to dinosaurs until this interview. I can certainly see it, but I will say I was a bit distracted by some of the TV-level VFX in how it moved. It didn’t ruin it for me, but I do think it does slightly take away with that Jurassic connection.

What did you think of that moment? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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