– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Tom Cruise has been a part of some huge, seminal movies. Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Mission: Impossible, War of The Worlds, and Minority Report to name a few. According to director Alex Kurtzman, Cruise thinks The Mummy is bigger than all of those.

Kurtzman puts those words in Cruise’s mouth in this kickass featurette on The Mummy that you’ll see below. The video, which takes you behind the scenes and offers a genuinely exciting look at how the film was made, was released today on the heels of the world premiere of the trailer for The Mummy

Check it out below. It’s very cool. Lots of practical effects, crazy stunt work, and it offers some insight into the caliber of the production value going into The Mummy:

I’ve got to admit it. When I first heard about The Mummy, and Universal’s plans to make a Cinematic Universe based around their classic monsters…I was extremely skeptical. I love these characters, and I just didn’t have faith that they’d get the attention or quality that they deserve. But my perception did a complete 180 when Tom Cruise boarded The Mummy

With everything I see and hear, I grow more interested. How about you?

SOURCE: ComicBook.com

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