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Earlier today, we reported on Marvel cancelling their Punisher panel at New York Comic-Con in light of the recent tragic Las Vegas shooting. Given the violent nature of The Punisher as a character, it was understandable why they made this decision, but it made us wonder if the actual series would face a delay as well.

According to Newsday writer Verne Gay, this is exactly what they plan on doing. Here’s what Gay had to say:

Again, this is an understandable move by Marvel. They also have a bit of an advantage in that they haven’t officially stated when they’d originally planned to release The Punisher. All marketing up until this point had the release date scribbled out, and while they did release one promo that had the date supposedly hidden in there, it’s still only speculation that October 20 was supposed to be the release date.

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That they haven’t flat-out stated the release date yet works in their favor. Now fans won’t need to mentally re-align their expectations for when the series will show up.

This move from Marvel was made with the best intentions, but we just hope that they don’t go any further with it. They can delay the series, but what we don’t want is for them to go in, re-edit the series, and pull back on the violence they’d originally intended to portray. That would likely only be a disservice to the story and characters, and could ultimately minimize the tragedy and impact of death as a whole. But that’s just this writer’s opinion.

Do you think it’s a good move for them to delay the show a month or two? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Verne Gay

  • Victor Roa

    it’s not a complete loss, since ads for the show have been very minimal with a viral campaign that seemed to be more cryptic than really being trending on twitter

  • Smerdyakov

    Probably a bunch of bump stock action in it.

  • Danny B

    People lost lives and some lost loved ones and that really f***ing sucks.
    However, decisions like this are going to make absolutely no damn difference at all. It won’t solve the ‘problem’ that the US has with guns and, i’m sorry to say this, but people have off buttons on their TV’s right?
    There are all sorts of political debates to be had, and with this being a movie lovers site its not the place for them but as always debate and/or discussion is always better than some alternatives…..

  • Mad Barchetta

    Because it took Monday’s events to make people realize that this is a very violent character who uses a lot of guns to kill bad guys mercilessly?

    I mean, if you’re going to delay the series because of people being killed by guns, then you might as well cancel it altogether. People are killed in this country DAILY by people wielding guns. The number of people killed by one individual shouldn’t dictate the level of tragedy. EVERY life taken by a gun wielding lunatic is a tragedy.

    If you want to call it a matter of respect, then am I to understand that respect is attached to a particular number? Eleven people were killed with guns over the past weekend in Chicago. Too low a number to deserve the same respect? Or is it because those 11 were’t all killed by one person? That would seem a bit arbitrary. 49 people were killed in Orlando in June of last year by a guy with an automatic weapon. I guess that doesn’t play into the decision because it was long enough ago that they can reasonably not worry about it?

    My point is, I don’t see it as any more or less respectful of those who lost their lives in Vegas if the show plays this month, next month or December…or whenever. If you’re that concerned about how the show portrays gun violence in a country where people die daily from guns, then there really is NO good time to show it.

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