– by Campbell Clark

Westworld Season 1 was certainly a huge success for HBO, and fans are eager to see what lies in store for Season 2. The ending of Season 1 (which I won’t spoil completely here) certainly opened up the story in interesting ways by indicating that the titular Westworld was only one of possibly many different-themed worlds that the super rich patrons had to choose from. In the final episode we saw glimpses of a Samurai/Shogun World, which made viewers start to wonder what other themed worlds could be on offer?

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On day two of the 2017 Vanity Fair Summit, Deadline caught up with Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and asked them why they left out Roman and Medieval Worlds, both which were present in Michael Crichton’s original 1973 movie.

Nolan responded by saying:

“We had to save something for Season 2.”

While that’s no guarantee that those will be the other worlds we will get to see, it certainly seems likely that Season 2 will start to venture out into other areas of the resort. Did the events that happened in Westworld also spiral out into the other zones? That answer remains to be seen, but we are certainly interested to see what path this story takes as it progresses.

We don’t know exactly when Westworld is coming back to HBO, but would you like to see them branch out into other worlds or try to remain as much within Westworld as Season 1 did? Let us know in the comments below.

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SOURCE: Deadline