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The Rings of Power Season 2 to film this October, mostly in and around the U.K.? However New Zealand is also listed.

Leaks from The Rings of Power have come out recently from the folks over at FoF. Specifically, some details regarding Celebrimbor and Ring forging. Now, I have spoiler tagged this article. However more so in terms of spoilers for when things might take place within the show itself. The overall story of course is well known by any fan of Tolkien’s mythology. Even the basics will be known by fans of The Lord of the Rings movies who didn’t get on with the books.

With that being said, the following is not story spoilers, but could be considered show SPOILERS. Hopefully that makes sense, as I’m not going to hide the facts. Celebrimbor for those unaware was the Elf chiefly responsible for the forging of the Rings of Power. According to the mythology, Celebrimbor was instructed on this craft by none other than Sauron, whom Celebrimbor didn’t know was evil. Celebrimbor was in charge of the Elvan city of Eregion, where the Rings of Power were made. Well, all save the One Ring, since I’m sure any movies fan knows where that Ring was forged, by Sauron alone.

Ok, with that all out of the way, here are the details from FoF‘s latest leaks video. You can watch the full video for yourself Here.

Celebrimbor Leaks

Celebrimbor’s story arc and involvement won’t properly begin until Episode 4 and onwards – halfway through the Season.

In one of the sound stages there is a ‘forging room’ set which is part of the Dwarven mines and the rings will be forged there. Separate sources described it as a rocky chamber.

Celebrimbor and the Dwarves will forge rings together at some point near the end of Season 1.

Celebrimbor is alerted to the threat and growing fear of Adar in the East and wants to be prepared.

Let’s get the important potentially canon breaking points out of the way first. FoF is not claiming these rings being forged are ‘The Rings’. Fans know from Tolkien’s own words that the craft of Ring making was one the Elves, including Celebrimbor had been involved with previously. We also know that outside of the Noldor Elves (Celebrimbor’s people), the Dwarves are pretty much the handiest race for smithing and forging. At this point, we also know that Eregion and the Dwarves closest to them were firm allies and friends. It therefore seems to me that Rings of Power will show Celebrimbor and his Dwarven friends starting to experiment with making great rings. However, it should canonically take for Sauron to show up to progress that craft to the next stage of making ‘the’ Rings of Power.

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I therefore would also speculate that Sauron will not come to Eregion in fair guise until at least Season 2. Remember there will be changes. However, I don’t think they’d get away with making as huge a change as might be implied by the leaks above. In the books the forging of the Rings all happened fairly early into the Second Age. The show though, is streamlining thousands of years into a handful in order to try and tell the full story of an Age. I have no idea whether they will manage to pull it off? I am willing to find out though.

As with every change to beloved source material some of the fan base have been up in arms about this set of leaks. In reality I don’t see anything here to get alarmed about whatsoever. My biggest concern has, and always will be how they squeeze so much content into a few years’ time. However in terms of raw details, so far nothing has struck me as horrifying. The few Tolkien fans that have seen some episodes were very complimentary, with caveats obviously.

As with all shows I will have hope up until I see it. Then, if I think they’ve done a poor job, or a good job, I’ll call it as I see it.

Are you excited for The Rings of Power? What do you think of these Celebrimbor and Ring forging details? As always, let us know below, or hop over to Discord to talk about whatever your inner geek desires.

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