The Rings Of Power SPOILERS For Morgoth And Sauron

The Rings of Power: SPOILERS For Morgoth And Sauron

Today we are sharing some The Rings of Power SPOILERS regarding Morgoth and Sauron. Now, it’s worth noting that many people in the press (not LRM) have seen the first few episodes of The Rings of Power and therefore this information seems to have been verified.

There’s no big ruin the show SPOILERS here, or I would not be covering them. However that all depends on your own SPOILER meter, as such take care.

All this information comes from anonymous Reddit threads. As said, the press have only seen a few episodes so this only refers to that. There is enough matching details between them to verify they are legit though.

I’ll stress again before the SPOILER Jump. Knowing this information does not make much difference to the story at large. So these are very mild spoilers folks. Still, it’s your call.

Mild –  Morgoth and Sauron SPOILERS Below!

The Rings of Power: SPOILERS For Morgoth And Sauron


It seems whilst Morgoth will be name dropped several times in the show, his only appearance is the visual many fans already saw at SDCC. In other words we see the destruction of the Two Trees of Valinor and Morgoth’s massive shadow can be seen towering above. This shot leaked online, so I’ve seen it, but sorry I cannot post it here. Honestly I’ll say that’s more than I expected to see of Morgoth, so I have no complaints. After all this is supposedly set long after Morgoth was defeated and eternally imprisoned in Space.

However it has also been confirmed that Sauron is seen in the opening episode of the show, in full horrible evil Lieutenant garb. Albeit in a story from the past.

As for Sauron in the current timeline, the ‘rumor’ is that we will not be ‘revealed’ until the final episode of Season 1. I cannot speak to the validity of that claim though as the press have only seen a few episodes and anything else is rumors at this point.

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As we know, Sauron (at this time) can appear to look like whatever he wishes. That means he could be several characters, or none. Here, there, or everywhere, theoretically. We know from the mythology that he must at some point present himself to Celebrimbor under a fair guise and begin instructing him on Ring craft. Currently the best guess, is that this forging of the Rings will not happen until early Season 2.  Though we could definitely have met Sauron several times in the Season 1 before knowing who he is. I’m not sure about that, but that seems to be the general consensus.

I never expected to see even this much Morgoth as I said above, so that’s very cool. As for Sauron I wonder if his design will be anything like it was in the prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring movie? Probably not due to legal issues to be fair, but I can’t wait to see his First Age design.

Not long to go now until that first double episode drop on September 2. I cannot wait at this point and I just hope It is not a disappointment.

What do you think of these The Rings of Power SPOILERS regarding Morgoth and Sauron? As always, leave any thoughts below.

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