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Dwayne The Rock Johnson may very well be the hardest working actor in Hollywood today. It seems that every week, we get word of him getting attached to yet another big blockbuster franchise. Between CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, JUMANJI, BAYWATCH, and the continuation of such franchises of FAST & FURIOUS and SAN ANDREAS, it seems like they’re almost no project Johnson won’t take on.

Well, you can add yet another film onto that long list. In a recent Instagram post from the star, Johnson wrote about how whenever working location, he needs a space in which to work on upcoming projects. He talks about his organizational system, and offhandedly mentions that he’s in the process of reading an outline for an upcoming Shane Black picture, which he plans to be a part of.

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Of course, the big question is…what project is the Rock referring to?

There are two very real possibilities.

The first is very obvious: THE PREDATOR. The Rock would seem to fit in perfectly well in a film like THE PREDATOR. As of this writing, we don’t really know when the film will shoot, but we know that it’s scheduled for a March 2018 release. As such, it’s very possible that he could be reading an outline for it, but it seems unlikely since the script for THE PREDATOR was reported as finished back in late 2015.

The next possibility seems to be DOC SAVAGE, which is next on Black’s docket after THE PREDATOR. Not only does this make sense timeline-wise, but less than two months ago, Black mentioned the following to Thrillist.

“DOC SAVAGE is sort of in the ether now. We’re hoping to make it sometime next year. I would very much like to do Doc with a fellow named Dwayne Johnson if we can make that work. I made a decision that Dwayne is the guy. It’s on the back burner while he’s busy.”

Now it sounds like Johnson is hard at work making himself available to take on the role of adventurer Doc Savage.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing Johnson take on the mantle of an old-school, Indiana Jones-like adventurer in DOC SAVAGE? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: The Rock, Thrillist