– by Seth McDonald

As we all know, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has split the franchise’s fandom nearly in half, as if it were Darth Maul. We have all heard the fans’ likes and gripes and now we get to hear from others in the industry, fellow directors Anthony and Joe Russo. The brothers recently spoke on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcastand gave their thoughts on the latest Star Wars film and the controversy surrounding it.

Joe Russo:

“We love Rian Johnson as a filmmaker. When we heard he was gonna make that film, we sent an email to Disney saying, you couldn’t ask for a better creator as a Star Wars fan. It’s interesting because he’s a brilliant filmmaker, and the response has been really fascinating. These [fans] are tough, can’t please them all. I think the fault line is between new fans and old fans, seems to be where it’s lining up. When you’re dealing with a character like Luke Skywalker, historically may be the most famous and potentially popular character in the history of movies… he took a lot of risks with the film.”

Anthony Russo:

“It depends, though, on your age too. I watched the movie with my 11-year-old daughter who is very into serialized storytelling and novels primarily, but she loves the bigger story. And she was just thrilled throughout the movie, making connections to the larger Star Wars universe. And just to sit next to her and see that sense of discovery and excitement in her was an amazing experience.”

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I think both of the brothers make good points. Luke Skywalker is quite possibly the most iconic character, ever, and ending that character’s overall arc is playing with something much more volatile that fire. I personally didn’t like what Johnson did with Luke, but I also understand it is an incredibly difficult job (though you could have given us a lightsaber duel, Mr. Johnson).

It is also a good point that age plays a huge factor into a person’s feelings about the film.`

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Source: MTV’s Happy Sad Podcast (via Comicbook.com)