– by Anthony Esteves

In the Season 8 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the “All Out War” finally came to an end. The alliance of Alexandria, The Kingdom and Hilltop defeated The Saviors, ending the group’s reign of terror over these three villages. Moreover, Rick decides to not take the life of Negan, and will instead be taking him prisoner under Alexandria’s watch. While this seems to be setting up conflict between Alexandria and the others, creators of the show have announced another added element they are considering for the upcoming season.

Skybound, Robert Kirkman’s production company, revealed in a weekly fan newsletter that the creators of the series have “expressed a willingness to dig deeper into his past” in regards to Negan. There has yet to be any detailed description in the show regarding Negan’s background, but there have been hints given by the infamous character, especially in moments the character has had with Father Gabriel and Jadis. As Season 9 has begun shooting, the fact that this was mentioned in a fan-based newsletter could mean the topic is already involved in the script.

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In the graphic novel series, Rick and his Survivors did end up taking Negan prisoner. As time went on, there has been a description of where Negan comes from and what drives him. A vulgar gym teacher who becomes a grieving widow and eventually becomes a leader with devoted followers during the outbreak. This dynamic, along with the very talented Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s perfect performance as the character, could be part of a very interesting plot point in Season 9.

We’ll have to wait until October to see if they take the audience on this path.

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Source: Skybound