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If you have seen Solo: A Star Wars Story then you know Lando Calrissian’s beloved droid L3-37, doesn’t make it through the film. You also know that L3’s navigation system was uploaded into the Millennium Falcon, and because of that Han was able to complete the Kessel Run faster than anyone before him. Because L3 was uploaded into the Falcon, Solo and Empire Strikes Back are now connected.

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There is a scene in Empire Strikes Back where C-3pO is attempting to fix the Falcon’s hyperdrive and tries to communicate with the ship’s system, Threepio is quite shocked at the dialect the system is responding to him with. After L3 was uploaded into the Falcon, we can conclude that the dialect Threepio was referring to was coming from L3.

This isn’t a huge revelation or anything, but it is a nice little tie-in for the two films. And now watching the old trilogy it will be hard not to think about L3’s influence on the events that happen in the film involving the Falcon. It is also safe to say that L3 wouldn’t have any problems being part of the rebellion against the Empire.

How do you feel knowing L3-37 was with Han and Chewy throughout the entire Original Trilogy? Let us know in the comments down below!

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