– by Joseph Jammer Medina


We just had slow, yet eventful, episode this week of AMC’s The Walking Dead. LRM’s Anthony Esteves covered it well, but I would like to focus on something that could end up being a huge death for next week. Before we get into it, we need to review some characters.


Comics: Holly becomes a medium to primary character, falls in love with Abraham, and steals him from Rosita. She eventually ends up in Negan’s grasp. While captured a Savior tried to rape her, and Negan beats the man to death with Lucille (which btw I have a feeling will be the end for the creepy Savior from earlier in the season that sexually harrassed Enid). Negan being the good guy he is, takes her back to Alexandria with a bag over her head, and sends her back to the get with Holly kicking and screaming. Denise removes the bag only to find a zombified Holly, whom takes a bite into Denise. Rick shoots Holly through the head to end it, and this basically starts the “All Out War” storyline.

TV Show: When The Wolves attacked, in one of my favorite episodes “JSS,” Holly was stabbed and died of internal blood loss. This ended her storyline.


Comics: Sasha, much like Daryl, Merle, Carol (at this point in the show, as Carol died very early in the books), Arat and a few others do not exist in the comics, and were created specifically for the television show.

TV Show: In the books, at least up until the last issue, Andrea has been alive and has been Rick’s love. Andrea was also the sharpshooter, so I think they basically split Andrea into Sasha and Michonne. During this last episode, Rosita and Sasha make their way to The Savior’s compound, but Sasha blocks Rosita from coming in, knowing that her own sacrifice would be all it would take to push Rick over the limit. Sasha runs in, and Rosita in tears runs away only to find a silhouetted figure of a man holding a crossbow, which is obviously Dwight (not Daryl) — and my hope is this is where he finally joins Rick.

So my prediction for next week is this:

Sasha gets the Holly death treatment, with a bag over her head and most likely bites someone and rick pulls out his Python to finish her. This should be enough to unite the four groups, including Oceanside, and Season 8 will be “All Out War,” at least until we realize that the “Garbage Pail Kids” are actually The Whisperers. (Huge speculation there) I still can’t get past that synopsis error for three episodes earlier this year where they were listed as The Whisperers.

So get prepared for next week, as The Talking Dead will likely be doing an “In Memorandum,” to Sasha.

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