The Walking Dead “Monsters” Fallout From War

Khary Payton as Ezekiel – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Picking up right where last week’s “The Damned” left off, King Ezekiel leads his squad deeper into the forest, with flash cuts of his speech sowed in between. What seems like a moment where the Saviors have Ezekiel and his soldiers cornered turns out to be all part of the plan as Carol and others pop up and lay waist to whatever enemy is in their view. Definitely an uplifting victory for our Survivors at the very start of this chapter.

And then there’s Rick’s predicament.

Morales has his pistol pointed right at Rick’s head. The two have a verbal exchange over the pain each has been through; an exchange that resolves nothing. Rick isn’t stepping down. Morales isn’t dropping the gun. Morales states that more Saviors are on their way with a counterattack. The conversation is brought to a quick end when Daryl sends an arrow to the face of Morales, much to the chagrin of Rick who didn’t want him dead. Rick explains that the guns aren’t at this location and the two must get out before the Saviors arrive, only to hear a sound down the hallway…

Morgan, Jesus and Tara lead their large group of prisoners down the road, headed toward Hilltop. Morgan is struggling with the idea of keeping these Saviors alive, especially with the annoying Jared antagonizing him for the entire walk. An unexpected Walker attack creates chaos for the group. As Morgan and Jesus fight them off, Jared and his few men tied together decide to make a run for it into the woods. Eventually cornered by a rifle-aiming Morgan, Jesus stops Morgan from shooting them all dead. Their verbal disagreement turns into hand-to-hand combat between the two allies with no resolution determined between them in the end.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Suffering from a gunshot wound through his torso, Eric is taken by Aaron to a quiet area. Bleeding out, Eric tells Aaron that this was his choice to join the fight and for Aaron to continue in the battle. When the battle is won, Aaron returns to the tree he left Eric at, only to find blood. He looks up and in the distance, he is treated to a heartbreaking sight: the love of his life, now an undead creature walking amongst the herd of Walkers.

After reluctantly allowing Gregory back in to Hilltop, Maggie is now treated to the unpleasant decision Jesus has made. Giving her the same response he has given Tara and Morgan, Jesus defends his decision and attempts to convince Maggie that these prisoners need to be kept alive. Back on the battlegrounds, Rick and Daryl survive the Savior counterattack thanks to an assistance from a fire extinguisher and Survivors moving in. With the battle won and everyone taking inventory, Rick takes the young baby he found, Gracie, to the group. When asked, Aaron states he will take the child to Hilltop. As everyone leaves, Rick and Daryl are treated to a surprise appearance from one last Savior; one who explains to them where the stockpile of guns are located. Whatever satisfaction Rick feels over the newly acquired intel is quickly turned to slight dismay when Daryl takes the lethal and fatal approach to this final Savior.

The episode closes out with King Ezekiel standing proud amongst his warriors. As Carol takes her group and moves inside the desired compound, Ezekiel looks out to the surroundings. He is filled with joy that all of his troops are accounted for, suffering no loss of life in their attacks. His joy is quickly erased as he notices what is directly in front of him.

In the main building of the compound, at the very top where a window is open, a sniper unleashes his gunfire on Ezekiel’s men.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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