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All right, so I’ve been late to this whole Arrow thing. And I’ve been skeptical about The Flash. And I just don’t have a whole hell of a lot of interest in anything that The CW Network puts together. You can thank Smallville for that. But I just watched this new Flash trailer, entitled “The Future Begins,” and now I’m pretty psyched. I’m sure my cousin Brandon (Hey, primo!) will appreciate hearing this- after he’s spent the better part of a year begging me to give Arrow a chance- but I think I’m absolutely going to check this show out.

Watch the trailer below, and then click on the 13 second video after it to see how I felt after watching it:

The Flash is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 7 on The CW. It’ll join Arrow, as well as other new arrivals on NBC and Fox- Constantine and Gotham, respectively- as DC TV adaptations. While Flash will share a world with Arrow, the other series are in their own little segregated bubbles. And none of them are linked to DC’s slate of upcoming films.

What’d ya think of the trailer, boys and girls? Did it make you a believer?