– by Nick Doll

Stranger Things finally returns at the end of October. The “it” show of 2016 (not as in the film IT, though the two are very similar), Stranger Things was a surprise and smashing success for Netflix, feeling like a lost Steven Spielberg film based on a lost Stephen King novel. Netflix is well aware of the success they have on their hands, and this October’s second season of Stranger Things has had a giant marketing push and will feature more merchandise than any Netflix series before it.

As part of Netflix’s marketing, the Stranger Things account on twitter has posted a new poster for Stranger Things Season 2, and it features a familiar, yet terrifying, image from the trailers.

This poster is neat because it mimics the feel of Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind from two angles. First, the image of a bright light casting a silhouette of a child opening a door is one of the most classic images from that Spielberg film. Second, Will’s drawing of the tentacles of the monster we see outside are taped throughout his house, just as Richard Dreyfus’ character saw images of Devil’s Tower in his head and sculpted them into his mash potatoes.

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One thing is for sure; Hawkins, Indiana is featuring a far larger threat with greater mysteries from the Upside Down this time around. Thankfully, the trailers have been light on details, so Season 2 will hopefully feel as fresh and unexpected as the first. The main question I have is will this Armageddon we see actually take place, or is the creature shown on the poster and in the trailers simply a vision of Will’s? Because that creature is a hell of a lot bigger than the Demogorgon and may be a little difficult for Chief Hopper and the kids to defeat.

Are you excited for Stranger Things Season 2? What do you think of the new poster? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Stranger Things drops on Netflix on October 27, 2017.

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SOURCE: Stranger Things on Twitter