– by Seth McDonald

Since its release in 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been the source of many nerd debates. Along with pacing issues and questionable casting decisions, one of the more voiced critiques of the film was the portrayal of Superman. Many fans were still not onboard with the darker take on the character that began with 2013’s Man of Steel. Teaming up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with an already dark character in Batman, Superman should have been the one to be the offset of that tone. And if you want to hear that from someone who has way more clout than I do, take comic industry veteran, Dave Gibbons. Gibbons knows a thing or two about Batman and Superman teaming up as in the 1990s he wrote a little known story called World’s Finest. Gibbons recently spoke with ComicBook.com, and gave his thoughts on where the movie went wrong.

“… I think probably the failure of the Superman-Batman movie was that it was really too dark, and that Superman was made as dark as Batman. And to me, that really doesn’t work, I thought that’s the perfect opportunity to contrast the two characters. Which is something that I did actually, in the graphic novel series that I wrote back in the ’90s, where you know, they were seen as kind of yin and yang, you know, the two sides of the superhero coin, so.”

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I can’t say I disagree with Gibbons, while dark and gritty may work for Batman, it doesn’t really work for Superman. I think the DCEU can still be presented as darker and more adult than Marvel’s shared universe while still retaining the integrity of Superman’s character. Let the boy scout be the beacon of light in a gloomy and hopeless world.

It appears as if DC has taken notice to the concerns of the fans, as the upcoming Justice League film appears to have a much lighter tone to it overall. However, since we are yet to see Superman in any of the trailers, we can’t be sure of how his demeanor has changed or not changed. Joss Whedon (who handled the first two Avengers films quite well) is said to have put his stamp on the film after coming in to take over for Zack Snyder. As I have said before, I did enjoy Batman v. Superman for the most part. It had its share of problems, but I still found it to be quite fun and entertaining. As far as the future of the DCEU, I am concerned, yet optimistic for whats to come of it in over the next few years.

Do you agree with Dave Gibbons? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: ComicBook.com

  • R.M. 4 sure

    First of all I disagree with the ongoing notion that Marvel is somehow bright as opposed to DC’s darkness. That whole dialogue is so far from the truth. A good superhero film will have the overall look and feel to the characters. So movies like Ghost Rider and Blade will obviously have a dark tone to them overall, because that is how the central characters are. Whereas movies like Guardians of the Galaxy or Spider Man should have a lighter tone, because that is the nature of those characters. And yes, Batman movies should be dark. However DC made the mistake of trying to make anti-Marvel movies, based on the false idea that Marvel movies are bright and colorful. DC should have just concentrated on making a good movie, and that’s all.

    • But Marvel movies are light and bright.

      • Mad Barchetta

        Marvel’s movies have often had a lighter tone, and more frequent use of humor. Obviously, GotG has used humor extensively, as have Ant-man, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Thor movies used a lot of humor, and I would say the second one struggled with tonal shifts that were a bit too pronounced for its own good. Iron Man has made a lot of Tony Stark’s personality as a focal point for humor, while often dealing with rather dark subject matter.

        If you think the last two Captain America movies were light-hearted, then I’m not sure what you were watching. Yeah, humor was used and much of the airport fight was light, but the overall tone of the movies was quite serious. I would even argue that, despite the frequent quips and a couple moments of humor that were misplaced, Age of Ultron was rather serious.

        I would argue that Marvel isn’t so much “light and bright” as it is a universe more inclined to include humor and allow the heroes to be self-deprecating, whereas the DCEU, so far, has tried to be ultra-serious and contemplative to the point of alienating much of its audience.

        Let’s recall that BvS and Civil War both addressed similar issues around the limits of power and how much of the area in which these vigilantes operate is justifiable. in the end, I think BvS came away basically saying that whatever they want to do is justified and the only reason there was conflict was because of the manipulation of Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, CW presented the conflict in a much less absolute manner, allowing for shades of grey and for the heroes involved to STILL be in disagreement at the end of the film. The whole argument is about a morally grey area, and I think that is realistic. Ironically, the MCU came away with the debate STILL unsettled, while the DCEU ended up with a more absolute perspective that the heroes are always right

        To my mind, the “light and bright” MCU approached the subject matter more seriously, maturely, and realistically than the DCEU.

    • TamosC

      It’s not so much as light as in tone but literally light as in night and day. For example most of Marvels setup scenes are done during the “day”, Ancient One’s first fight in Dr Strange, The Airport fight, Ultron Sokovia scene to name a few, and yes sure a fair few have happened in the dark as well but it seems every major DC scene happens at night, Wonder woman trenches scene apart, even the new Justice league trailer seemed to have a lot of those scenes, maybe that’s what Whedon is switching up?

      • Sammy Boy

        Geez, I didn’t notice before. That’s a good observation.

  • Victor Roa

    The biggest reason why Gibbson deserves the most clout in the world…… this
    We give so much shit about Snyder trying to pretend he’s trying to rush to Superman rage, but Gibbson EARNED IT ONE COMIC BOOK! 24 pages. One of the most heart felt comics of all time to earn superman’s rage that shook the core of every comic book fan.

    • suckit15694

      I bet you u remembered that and looked for it . It is amazing what we remember from these “comic” stories and how they make a huge impression on us when we read them. The movies not so much.

      • Victor Roa

        not necessary, I do think something like JLU’s take on the adaptation of “For the Man Who Has Everything” does clever work around in order to fit the structure of a 24 minute cartoon. Gibbson is the biggest supporter of Snyder because of Watchman and that film is this cold multi million dollar copy of work he did by himself with Alan Moore. It just uses visuals to pretend to say something but then it all rings hallow.

  • the50sguystrikesback

    WHO says it didn’t work?

    • Triple M

      Oh it worked…. if they were trying to make a disaster

  • theheartsleeves

    just thought I should mention, I love you guys from way back. But the video from your advertisers comes on and comes on loud no matter what I do when I open a bunch of links to read articles that I like, it sounds like a horrible symphony of ads. SO… let me know when you have a better way, because it’s too late at night to be forced to listen to an ad to read a story. Sorry guys.

  • crglstdk

    The thing that ruined BvS was Jessie Eisenbergs portrayal of Lex Luther. It was awful, nothing like the comic book character, Even pretending he was someone else, His charter provided nothing but a uninspired way to connect the dots on some of the events in the film. I don’t blame the actor , he has been great in other movies. The way they approached the character was the way movie makers approached comic book charters before comic book movies became GOOD. This should have been the most iconic Superhero movie ever made. There’s plenty to like in it, but there should have been nothing to loathe.

  • thomas marchal

    just thought I should mention, I love you guys from way back. But the video from your advertisers comes on and comes on loud no matter what I do when I open a bunch of links to read articles that I like, it sounds like a horrible symphony of ads. SO… let me know when you have a better way, because it’s too late at night to be forced to listen to an ad to read a story. Sorry guys.


      Adguard adblocker. Works for me and that video is gone,as ell as the other one that was in the upper right corner.

  • Cause of Geoff Fucking Dumbass Johns.

    I just banned him from making trashy DC Films. Go back to comics young man!


  • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife
  • TamosC


    There literally is an entire montage of Superman saving folks, people in floods painting an S on their roof instead of using their phones to call the police, ships, mexico mass hero worship, a statue built in his honour, contrast that against a Batman who “brands” his victims, straight up murders fools I’d say that pretty contrasting contrasts unless the contrasts are the colour schemes, lightening and too much stuff happening during the night then yes.