– by Joseph Jammer Medina
Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.






Avengers: Infinity War had a good number of surprises buried within its 150-minute runtime. In addition to the deaths, they also had one particularly unexpected surprise. I’m talking about the Red Skull. He randomly appeared on the planet where the Soul Stone is being kept.

As a man who hungered for the Tesseract in his heyday, you’d expect him to have long since claimed it, but in order to do so, one needs to give up someone they love. With him all alone, it’s a little difficult for him to actually do so. It was a cool concept, and while I’m not the biggest Red Skull fan, I enjoyed the closure his scene brought to the Captain America story.

But who was playing him? If you were like me, you were likely distracted throughout all his scenes, trying to make out whether or not that was actually Hugo Weaving under all that makeup. Sadly, it was never meant to be. Hugo Weaving did not return, and was instead replaced by The Walking Dead actor Ross Marquand.

This was a bit of recasting that made sense. Huge Weaving had always made his distaste for his work on Captain America: The First Avenger known, and while he was contractually obligated to take on multiple films, it would seem to be in poor taste to force someone to reprise their role. Given all the makeup on the face of the character and the cloak worn, it ultimately made his return unnecessary, and the only reason I questioned it was because I’d known about Weaving’s comments in the past.

What did you think about the Red Skull scene? Did you notice it wasn’t Weaving? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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