Thor: Love And Thunder – Could Christian Bale Be Replacing The Actor Who Turned Down Kevin Feige?

Christian Bale

Yesterday, both THR and Collider revealed that actor Christian Bale was in talks to appear in the MCU in an undisclosed role for Thor: Love and Thunder. Whilst most fans are hoping this turns into more than just discussions (due to Bale’s popularity), and I echo that thought line, I also couldn’t help start putting a few jigsaw pieces together and coming up with the Sistine Chapel.

There is no guarantee that these talks will bear fruit and that Bale will sign up for the movie, but there is clearly a lot of hope from Marvel and effort on their part to make sure he does. The timing of this story though took me back a week or so something Kevin Feige said when he appeared as a guest at the New York Film Academy. His interview was extensive, but there was one point where Feige was talking about how nothing is ever plain sailing and he referred to a big actor who had recently turned them down for a role. Here is what he said and you can find the full video in the source section below.

“It happened the other day, with an actor. There’s an actor we want for something, they come in, you give a big pitch and you can sort of tell they’re not into it. ‘I guess I’m a failure, I’ll show them, we’ll cast somebody even better.’ So, it’s just part of it and don’t linger on them, is what I usually try to do, don’t think too much about it, don’t stew in it, move on quickly.”

I guess I just instantly had the feeling that maybe Christian Bale was Marvel trying to get ‘someone even better’. The timing does match up, and clearly, as per Feige’s own words, Marvel is currently casting for whatever that role is. I can really see Feige and co discussing how they can go one better after being rejected and going after Bale, who has not appeared in a comic book movie since he finished playing Batman in The Dark Knight Rises almost a decade ago.

So can we have a guess at who the actor may have been that turned Feige down, why the hell not? Now, let me be clear here, this is pure guesswork from me, I am not claiming to know anything that is not already in the public eye. I just thought it was fun to speculate on a few details and maybe you readers would find it fun as well. So here is my theory about who turned Feige down and so they went and pursued Christian Bale instead. I’m guessing it could have been Keanu Reeves and here is my thought process for this wild jump in logic, so feel free to tear into the cracks of this with reckless abandon. They do also have a similar look and age as one another which was also a part of my thinking process.

When Feige spoke with back in June, he said this about Reeves.

“We talk to him for almost every film we make. We talk to Keanu Reeves about. I don’t know when, if, or ever he’ll join the MCU, but we very much want to figure out the right way to do it.”

I know that could simply mean that they literally approach Reeves for every film, but he so far appears to be reluctant to take on the parts he has been offered. Fiege makes it sound not like Reeves doesn’t want to make a Marvel movie, more that they have to pitch him the right role. I’ll also guess that whatever role Reeves ends up getting it would be one of a villain or a one movie role only, as I cannot see Reeves signing up for a recurring hero role as he already has two bring franchises that he has right now, The Matrix is ramping up for a fourth movie soon, and we already know it’s a matter of time before we get a John Wick 4.

Now next week’s breaking headline will be that Reeves has been cast as Silver Surfer on a ten movie deal, right? That would sure shut my wild speculation down, wouldn’t it? We have also heard from a few outlets about rumors of various roles Reeves was in the running for at Marvel, though I am unsure of the validity of those rumors, and as said, I cannot see Reeves taking on a recurring role, famous last words.

I could totally see Reeves turning down a chance to play a villain in Thor: Love and Thunder only for Feige to go after Christian Bale instead for the role. Let’s not beat round the bush, we all love Reeves right, but Christian Bale is a far superior actor, in fact he’s probably one of the most in-demand thespians in the business right now.

But, I have to concede that this is all merely circumstantial and Bale could well be the replacement for whoever turned down Feige without it having anything to do with Reeves, equally Bale could have been approached ages ago for this role and it has nothing to do with who turned Feige down. Or…… Bale himself could the actor who turned down Feige and the scoops are a little out of date, that’s how this game can work sometimes. Hell, I’m sure Fiege has been turned down many times without us ever finding out about it, it. Probably a case that it was still in his mind this time and so he spoke about how you need to adapt and move on, using this is an example.

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All in all, we may never know for sure, but one of the things that attracts me to this industry is piecing the clues together making bold predictions, normally kept internal with colleagues only. I just thought this time it might be fun to share ‘Cam’s Crazy Theories’ with our readers for a change.

Feel free to tell me I’m talking nonsense in the comments below, but also let us know if you like this sort of speculative content or not from LRM. Finally, why not let us know who you think Bale could be playing in the movie?

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SOURCE: Kevin Feige at NYFA,

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