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**Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok follow below**





Post-credit scenes, the extra little treat Marvel gives us after what is usually a great experience at the theater. If you stuck around for the after-credits scene of Thor: Ragnarok, then like many other fans, you may have been wondering if the giant ship that flew over the Asgardian ship used by Thor and others to escape, was Thanos’ ship the Sanctuary-2. Today we learn that in fact, it was, as Disney has posted the script for award considerations and the ship in question has been confirmed as the Sanctuary-2.

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The script reads:

“They see — the massive form of Sanctuary-2, Thanos’ Warship approaching. “

The script ends:

“A wider view allows us to see all of Sanctuary-2, dwarfing the Ark in size.”

Now that it has been confirmed that indeed was the ship of Thanos, we have a pretty good idea of how this will lead into Avengers: Infinity War. This can’t be good for Thor, Loki and the rest of the Asgardians on the ship, as it looks like they may be the first to face Thanos. The Mad Titan is on his way folks, after nearly a decade of build up, the ultimate showdown is at hand.

The script can be found here.

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Source: ComicBook