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Threepio To Appear In Ahsoka Episode 8 Rumor But No Luke Or Zeb | Barside Buzz

According to the Buzz from the leaks community, it's claimed Threepio is to appear in Ahsoka Episode 8, and there will be no Luke or Zeb.

According to the Buzz from the leaks community, it’s claimed Threepio is to appear in Ahsoka Episode 8, and there will be no Luke or Zeb. To explain where this comes from, let’s back up. You know all those people who go onto social media and post fake spoilers for fun? Happens with every major Star Wars, DC, or Marvel project. However, every now and then, one turns up, that as you watch a movie or show, you realize everything they said was true.

This happened probably most famously for Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame and no one believed the person making the claims. We are kinda in that territory with a user who posted some information on Reddit. This Reddit link will take you to a collection of all known rumors left for Ahsoka from all sources. This user has now been added due to everything they predicted/claimed up to Episode 4 being legit.

Now, there are some serious spoilers for Ahsoka in there, be warned, I’m not covering those! I don’t like to be too spoiled for a show if I can avoid it. However, there were some some details, which I felt were worth sharing and were not actual story spoilers for the show.

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The user in question claims that Threepio (C-3PO) makes an appearance in Ahsoka in Episode 9, the season finale. No context given as to why, but do not expect to see Luke. Apparently there is no Luke at all in Ahsoka and neither is former Ghost Crew member Zeb. You may recall Zeb appeared very briefly within The Mandalorian Season 3. It is therefore slightly surprising that the character would not appeared with all his old crew in the sequel to that series. Yet, the claim by this user is that Zeb is not in Ahsoka.

Luke, makes sense, however Zeb could have appeared briefly in Episode 4 in my opinion. As for Threepio, no idea how and why he would show up? You just assume he’s still serving Leia at this point, but he could also just be serving the New Republic military on Home 1 for example.

So there you have it folks. It seems that Threepio is to appear in Ahsoka Episode 8. However, there’s no Luke and no Zeb. Anything else you find in that link above, it’s your own fault for clicking. There’s also no guarantee any of this legit. This person could have got seriously lucky with some guesses, but that seems unlikely and the majority of the claims made are actually from the common leaks outlets we tend to cover anyway.

Let us know what you think below, as always.

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