– by Campbell Clark

Early estimates courtesy of Deadline have Solo: A Star Wars Story making around $13 million – $14.1million for opening Thursday night. This is not far off some Marvel properties with Thor: Ragnarok pulling $14.5 million and Iron Man 3 which grossed $15.6 million.

If we follow the estimates of how those movies weekends turned out, Ragnarok turned in a 3 day weekend of $122.7 million, whilst Iron Man 3 did far better with $174.1 million. That’s a huge swing and may well be representative of Iron Man 3 opening in May where Ragnarok launched in November. If we factor in that Solo has a 4 day holiday weekend of Friday – Monday, it could well mean Solo could propel itself past Iron Man 3’s opening weekend figures.

How does this compare to other Star Wars movies, well Rogue One in 2016 had a three day opening of $155 million, estimates for Solo fluctuate between a low figure of $130 million and a high figure of $170 million. So we are going to have to see what legs Solo has over the weekend. Disney will surely be happy if their second Star Wars anthology film does as well or better than Rogue One, but surely they cannot expect it to match the box office of the main saga films such as The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi?

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It’s probably far too early to tell whether Solo is going to be a box office success, but good word of mouth so far may help to propel it past Rogue One. I personally am not sure when I am going to be able to go see this movie, but I hope it’s very soon, perhaps even this evening, (fingers crossed).

We want to hear what the fans think of the second Star Wars anthology movie, so leave your non-spoiler thoughts below once you have seen the movie.

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SOURCE: Deadline