– by Seth McDonald

Are you a fan of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, that is now called Star Wars Legends? Are you a fan of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy? If so, then there may be some good news coming your way. The website Omega Underground has come across the audition tape of actor Adam Templar. In the video, Templar is wearing blue paint and auditioning for the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn. You can check out the video here

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If this tape was for a casting call for live-action Admiral Thrawn, and I am not saying that it is, or that anything is official, where do they plan to put him? The character became a villain during the last two seasons of Disney’s animated show Star Wars: Rebels, and he is one that fans would love to see in a live-action film or television show. With a few options on the table, it’s anyone’s guess. Episode IX is possible but in my opinion unlikely. The Obi-Wan movie you say? Maybe. Seeing how Jon Favreau’s upcoming live-action TV show is set after Return of the Jedi, just as the Thrawn trilogy was I think this would be the best bet as to a landing spot for Thrawn.

Where would you like to see Grand Admiral Thrawn appear? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Omega Underground (via ScreentRant)