– by jay bradshaw

  Titan Comics has a hit with the a new series The Forever War, it was first published in Belgian in 1988 as three issue Dutch graphic novel and was based on a book written by Joe Haldeman in 1974.  The art work is great has that same style as you would see in Heavy Metal Magazine.  

  If you enjoy science fiction and war battle in space and theories dealing with space travel this is your book.  The story pulls the reader in for several reasons, first off the story is taken from the main characters point of view William Manella.  You follow him and his group in their trials to become an elite fighting group to take on an unseen enemy in space.  The point of view that the writer takes you on this path is from his personal experience from the Vietnam War.  

THE_FOREVER_WAR_1_Page 3.jpg

  Letting the reader know how the media feels about this space war with an alien race called the Taurans.  It is an older printed graphic novel but great to see it translated in English so that it can be enjoyed by new readers.  I just hope that the series does keep true with the graphic novels as we see the main character move up the ranks and learns more about the enemy and other battles he must face on, again a great book that is translated for new generation to enjoy!


Writer: Joe Haldeman 

Artist: Marvano 

On sale: February 15