– by Campbell Clark

Jack Ryan is a character that has been rebooted more times than a ’90s laptop. It is perhaps no wonder given how popular Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels are with readers, but apart from a few successful films in the 80’s and 90’s with Alec Baldwin and then Harrison Ford in the titular role, the films have so far failed to deliver the results that the studios wanted to see. It all fell apart with Ben Affleck’s starring role in The Sum of All Fears and then they tried to reboot again with Jack Ryan: Shadow Operative starring Chris Pine, both movies were something of a failure.

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So where to go now for Jack Ryan? TV, it seems, is the way forward and Amazon Prime have picked it up for a debut season. You can watch the newly released trailer above starring John Krasinzki in the lead role of Jack.


Now for me, I am a big fan of the Jack Ryan books, and the problem they have had so far in the visual medium is continually trying to reboot the franchise with younger actors, it’s difficult to say if they may finally nail the same success of the books in this new TV series, but my initial thoughts are…Well, I have my doubts, but we shouldn’t judge without watching the show first.

Based on this trailer are you excited by Jack Ryan, or do you share the same fears as me for this beloved series of stories? Let us know as always in the comments below.

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