– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Disclaimer: As always, in the TWD reviews there will be major spoilers.

What a refreshing read after some of the issues we have gotten lately. If you have read this comic I am sure there is only 1 thing you’d like to discuss, but fear not, we will get to Rick and Negan soon enough.

The issue starts where I figured it would. During #163, Team Alexandria had a terrible plan to send half the team away to drive the Walkers off a few at a time. This did not work well, and the “driver” team is now joined by Carl and Lydia to think of a plan. As usual, Maggie protects Carl and makes him stay while she takes her team to attempt to drive of more zombies.

But enough of all that. Also, at the end of the last issue, Negan saves Rick’s life and they start running for house to provide cover. Negan easily makes it, but Rick is struggling and he calls for Negan’s help. Unbelievably, Negan pulls him inside — after thinking for just half a second to leave him — and saves the day.

This is where the past 63 or so issues really takes a turn. I have been convinced that Robert Kirkman (the creator of the comic) is just leading us on for Negan to kill Rick. So, while huddled in the house, they get to talking and Negan asks Rick what the worst thing he has ever done was. Rick finally confesses that the worst thing he ever did… was live, when so any others that should have didn’t. Negan starts to respond, puts his fingers over his eyes and hides his tears in his jacket.

Now it gets even more awkward, as Negan, in the only explanatory level of forgiveness he knows how to even do, in no small terms he apologizes for killing Glenn. Negan then goes on to tell Rick that the worst thing he ever did was to let his wife rot and die as a zombie (check out the Here’s Negan mini). Wow. Just, wow.

At this point other “stuff” happens that I honestly could care less about, and we are back to Negan and Rick. Rick is slower, and has long time injuries, so Negan makes him stay inside while he goes to fight off more Walkers.

Are we in Bizarro world?

The book ends the same as last week withthe new group of The Saviors looking onward to pick up the pieces.

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I said it last week, Negan could still be playing the “long con,” but if he is, this issue makes it all worth it. Do the readers here still think this is what is happening? Or is Negan now a god guy? Let’s hear from you!


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